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1. Large JSF dataTable backed by database that can handle paging/sorting

If have a large amount tabular data that I'm trying to display in a JSF datatable. Are there any any implementations or components out there that can handle database paging and ...

2. JSF: Should I keep the data list of dataTable in SessionScoped bean or ViewScoped bean

Can you guys give me opinion on these scenario:
1. data list is large and update quite often
2. data list is small and does not update that often
3. any other interesting case ...

3. How to improve the performance of jsf datatable?

thanks for your response sir yes i am using the standard one. Actually in my code what i have done is on a button click i called up the stored procedure that returns a ResultSet, so that in a while loop i have created the class object and add each object to the list at the end of the loop, and ...

4. h:dataTable performance

Hi Bart, I am trying to use the t:dataTable to get in a faster way on the screen. The render time is very high, just of course of all my elements and functions included in the several columns. Have you got any tips to get more performance on that element? Thanks, Klaus