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1. Is it possible to have multiple rows with jsf h:datatable

With h:datatable we can display data as follows

  1. Jems
  2. tom
  3. chirs
  4. harry
but can I display the same as shown below:
  1. Jems 2. tom
  2. chris 4. harry
Ragards, Abhi

2. Adding a row to an existing datatable in JSF

I have a requirement of changing an existing JSF 1.1 project where I need to add an additional row to a datatable on click of a button. Currently the datatable loads ...

3. Skip some row in jsf dataTable

How to skip some rows to be displayed using dataTable: <h:dataTable cellspacing="0" id="dogs" value="#{dogBean.dogs}" var="dog" rendered="#{dogBeans.dogs != null}">

<h:column id="nameColumn">

    <h:outputText value="#{}"/>

<h:column id="breedColumn">

    <h:outputText value="#{dog.breed}"/>
</h:dataTable> I want ...

4. How do I enable choosing a row of a h:dataTable using JSF 2.0?

I'm starting a small project, using JSF 2.0. I'm having problems right in the start, in the CRUD of the first model implemented. What I want to do is pretty simple: The page ...

5. JSF: how do you add an empty row to a :dataTable?

I have a data table like:

<h:dataTable id="box-score-away" value="#{individualAwayBoxScoreQuery.resultList}" var="_bssl">
  <f:facet name="header">
    <h:outputText value="Away Team" />
    <f:facet name="header">

6. Save all rows in an h:dataTable

I have a Facelets page with a h:dataTable. In each row of the h:dataTable, i am displaying some enabled and disabled services of a user.Here is the model object

public class ServiceList ...

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9. Specifying row classes in dataTables

I need to specify a different coloured background for a row in a datatable based depending on the properties of my dataTable value. I am already using the 'rowClasses' property of the dataTable to produce alternating light and dark rows, but I need to specify for some elements that the row is all very dark. Is this possible?

11. h:dataTable new rows

Use h:panelGrid inside h:dataTable. Ugly code and output, but as h:dataTable don't understand colspans and rowgroups, there's no other solution. Or you have to create your own component extending UIData. Here is a basic example with panelGrid: JSF ...

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13. datatable renders empty rows

14. adding an empty row to a datatable

16. Adding a Datatable as a row in another Datatable

I have another question related. How can I access a datatable inside a cell of another datatable and manipulate his properties (like rendered)? How could I do it pressing a commandLink or commandButton inside the same row, or selecting a checkbox in the same row and pressing a commandButton outside the datatable?

17. Disabling a particular row in a datatable

Hi all, I have a screen in which certain products are displayed. If I select some products and navigate to the next page, the selected options will be displayed. If I want to add some more products I can click the add button and come to the previous page. In this Scenario the previously selected options should be preselected and disabled. ...

18. How to change row height in dataTable

20. viewroot.findComponent - access field in row in datatable or datalist

Hi!, I've a form with a datatable with htmlinputtext and I want highlight particular fields in some rows. But I have to change the style without javascript, in the server. For the rest of the form, I've no problem using viewroot.findComponent(":form:subview:idField") but with datalist or datatables I can't access to the rows with findComponent(":form:subview:idTable:numberOfRow:idField") always return null. I've been reading and ...

21. Adding a row in datatable using dojo

22. Accessing a dataTable's row in javascript

Hello Tim, Thanks a lot for your reply. You provided a lot of help since I joined. Well I tried a css class but its not working. I tried some thing like this .blue{ background-color:#DBE5F5; } .blue:hover{ background-color:#00FF00; } and in dataTable but its not working. Thats why I asked for javascript access. Besides the hovering ...

24. insert a new row in a datatable

25. Disable an h:dataTable element in a specific row

When you want a property set on a per-row basis in a datatable, you need to provide that property at the row level, not the bean level. For a case where you specifically want "row 0" to always be disabled, you can reference the "rowIndex" property of the table's datamodel like so: