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1. how to render a datatable based on a list size in jsf using java EL?

how to render a datatable based on the list size in jsf using java EL?

2. Define size to h:dataTable

My scenario is like this, I have List, I am iterating my list using and populate the values in my jsp. I want to define some size to my table whether or not my list contains data. If the list size is increases beyond the Tabel size I dont want to increase the Table size rather I need to implement ...

3. SelectListener for DataTable populated with ActionListener - infact if the initial size = 0

Hi, I populated a DataTable in a DialogBox using a ActionListener on a dock menu-item. But after the data is populated the SelectionListener even doesn't get fired for the populated DataTable. Is it necessary for the DataTable to be populated while rendering the DOM in order for SelectionListener to work? Please reply. My whole architecture of project is based of this ...