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1. Referring in EL to specific instance of h:datatable iteration variable

Okay. Complex Title for a simple(?) problem. I have something like this going on (I made it as simple as possible here to illustrate)

<h:dataTable var="testVar" value="#{bean.VariablesArray}">
<h:inputText id="TestingID" 

2. JSF 'total' variable for datatable

I have read the previous post: JSF 'total' variable something like c:set in JSTL. Although the answer suggests that the total should come from the backing bean, I have ...

3. dataTable, inputText and value saving of a "not direct" bean variable

I have a dataTable with a list of inputTexts:

    styleClass="waiFormTable" >

4. Access to dataTable variable in Custom Component

Here is my situation: We have written a custom component to do validation. This component includes a parameter called fieldLabel. This parameter is used to display the name of the field that validated incorrectly. So far, so good. The problem comes from using this validator within an tag, with the value to be added to the fieldLabel being one ...

5. Variable number of columns within dataTable

Hi, On my backing bean, I have a list of Player objects. Each Player object has a list of Card objects. On my jsf page, I want to display a dataTable with one row per Player and one column per Card. Since each player may have a different number of cards, I need to have a way of determining how many ...