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1. Oracle's ADF-Faces better than generic JSF? ...smells funny to me

My developers would like to use Oracle's ADF-Faces rather than generic JSF. The advantages of "drag and drop" programming smells funny to me. Reminds me too much of the ...

2. Oracle ADF Gantt chart

I am just starting to learn ADF and I am tasked with examining how ADF's gantt chart works. I have completed Oracle's tutorial of it, however I feel that all the tutorial ...

3. skip jsf lifecylce phase

How do I short circuit the jsf lifecycle so that the response is rendered before any model updates? In the diagram of page 59 of this document JSF Spec V1.2 ...

4. What is the difference between ADF and JSF?

I'm quite new to Oracle's ADF and wonder what is the difference between ADF and Sun's reference implementation of JSF?

5. How do you create your own ADF Faces skin?

We are using the default Oracle ADF Faces 10g default skin. It looks super nice, but we want to make tweaks to it (changing the CSS and also how certain components ...

6. Where does Oracle ADF 11g stands among Java EE Frameworks?

This is a two part question: I would like to know where does Oracle ADF 11g stand as a framework to develop / deploy Web / Java EE Applications as compared ...

7. Why is Oracle ADF not escaping quotes for me when I use ?

Why is Oracle ADF not escaping quotes for me when I use to build up strings in Javascript?

<jsp:root ...>
 <f:view ...>
   <f:loadBundle basename="message" var="msg"/>

8. Spinning ADF Faces Carousel

We are using JDeveloper with JSF and ADF Faces to develop a web application. We are currently using a carousel component, but we want it to spin by itself, we achieved ...

9. get a list of af:selectBooleanCheckbox adf

I have a few selectBooleanCheckboxes in a grid layout format. I would like to get a collection of these checkboxes: I don't want to bind them individually to a backing bean ...

10. How to preselect a radio button in ?

We are using Oracle ADF/JSF 1.1 to show search results in a table starting with a radio button. Our requirement is to show search result with one of the <af:tableSelectOne> radio ...

11. JSF webpage template design

how can i design an jsf webpage template using adf so that I can type any text in any part (center) part of the derived page from that template page. There will ...

12. Dynamically adding new panel tab with existing panel tab

How can I add dynamic panel tab(ADF Component) with existing panel tab in ADF like in any Internet Browser?

13. Can anyone suggest a great tutorial for ADF with jDeveloper please?

Can anyone suggest a great tutorial for ADF with jDeveloper" please? Books will be also good but not from Oracle press.

14. ADF autoSuggestBehavior how to get select event?

I have an inputText with autoSuggestionBehavior on it.
As I saw in the autoSuggestionBehavior's tag documentation, there's no way to get noticed that you picked something from the list. The only ...

15. What is the difference between partialSubmit and autoSubmit in JSF?

I guess I knew the difference, but right now I find myself confused. :P Both of them seem to be do the same thing, except that partialSubmit is used on submit buttons ...

16. Viability of using ADF Faces outside of jDeveloper studio

Having worked with 2 JSF component libraries, or frameworks if you wish, I can't help but wonder if I'm missing a trick by not evaluating ADF Faces. The big stumbling block for me ...

17. ADF Faces escape button doesn't trigger SelectionEvent for a SelectionListener af:table

Why doesn't escape button notifies me that the selection changed ? (to unselected)
I have some validation on SelectionListener and pressing escape is jumping over my validation.
This is definitely not a ...

18. What is the Renderer class for UIXIterator

Summary What is the renderer class for UIXIterator(af:iterator)? Background I am writing a component and I am planning to extend UIXIterator just like UIXTable does. My component will basically accept the same kind of ...

19. Setting a navigation rules in a returnListener from a Dialog doesn't work in ADF 10g (JSF faces 1.1)

I've a confirmation dialog created using the dialog framework. The dialog is opened by a command link and the value selected in tg is returned to a return listener. This is ...

20. ADF af:table programmatic "selectionListener" stops "valueChangeListener" in one of the columns to fire

The default value of the "selectionListener" attribute for an af:table component normally looks like this: selectionListener="#{bindings.IterBinding.collectionModel.makeCurrent}" But if some special selection processing is required, one can specify custom handler for the selection event, ...

21. Oracle ADF h:commandButton f:ajax not working

Trying to update a page through Ajax. Click a button and print out a counter on the page. The following code works when deployed with JSF 2.0 mojarra on a Tomcat ...

22. ADF Faces with Struts 2 -JSf plugin

I have a fairly strong Struts 1.x background but suffered a lot in one of the recent projects because of the lack of some controls ( I didn't find using Dojo etc. that easy). I am currently working on a new project using Oracle ADF Faces and I am really very impressed by the out-of-the-box functionality and controls provided by ADF ...

23. ADF Faces

24. File upload with ADF not working

25. ADF - PRO JSF - Open Source projects

Jonas and John, Weblets and Mabon where born during your research for the book. As best I now you have a tremendous experience working on ADF Faces, previously. Those two open source projects sound like huge steps aside of the ADF Faces architecture (They are still about JSF, no doubt here). If somebody ask me how I can characterize those projects ...

26. use tomahawk, adf faces with IBM's JSF

27. Change rows property of ADF Table

I am trying to set the rows property of an af:table object based on the value of a drop down box (af:selectOneChoice) I have tried this a number of ways but can't get the table to pick up the change unless I do a browser page refresh. I have the autoSubmit property of the drop down box set to true. It ...

28. ADF Faces

29. ADF Renderer

30. Unordered lists in JSF or ADF

32. ADF:Iterator Example

33. Oracle ADF

34. disabling rows in an ADF table

35. Problem integrating Oracle ADF

39. Display blob image to JSF (using ADF BC)

Hi I am new to ADF BC and JSF (IDE - JDevloper 10.1.3). Before this i worked on J2ee with JSFs, JAvascripts, EJBs .... Before i could actually master that I moved into this project which requires ADF BC . My first assignment itself is a toughie. HAve to upload an image(Jpeg ) into the database via JSF +ADF BC and ...

40. ADF faces Table with links

hello, hope someone can help me. i'm building a page which has a table with 4 columns. the first column as only numbers. i want every item in the first column to be a link to a details page for that number. for example, imagine i have 1 to 5 items and i click the item number 2. i want to ...

41. ADF question

43. print function in ADF

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