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1. JSF 2.0 Annotation does not work

;Hi, I am using JSF 2.0 Mojarra ver. 2.0.2-SNAPSHOT (obtain using maven). I am trying to use Annotation to setup JSF bean, as such:

public class HelloBean {

2. JSF config-annotations not processed

I am running a JSF 2 application on JBoss AS 6. Somehow the Annotations, like @FacesComponent or @FacesValidator, etc are not processed by the container. If I annotate a Bean with ...

3. Unable to register java class with JSF 2.0 annotations

In my JSF project, I'm trying to register java classes with JSF 2.0 annotations instead of registering the classes in the faces-config.xml file. When I register the classes in the ...

4. CDI in layered architecture. How to inject service object using CDI annotations?

I am developing some application, which consists of three layers:

  1. Database access layer (JPA + Hibernate as provider)
  2. Business logic layer
  3. Presentation layer (JSF 2.0)
Before I started I have read some chapters from the ...

6. Annotations Not Working

7. Cannot use the annotations in JSF2.0

8. @PreDestroy annotation

9. @Transactional Annotation