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1. How can i include an applet in JSF

<jsp plugin> no works for me? anyway to include applet in JSF ?

2. How to call applet from JSF application?

I am working in a JSF project and I need to configure a Figure Touch Device in my JSF project. The problem is that the Figure Touch Application is developed as ...

3. upgrade to javaserver faces. Easy task?

I have the following question:
First of all, I know (and have some academic experience on) JSP and Struts but I know nothing at all about JSF.
There is a project that has ...

4. Applet and JSF Integration - example

Is there a tutorial or a simple applet example with JSF? How do I perform a request to a Managed Bean from an applet?

5. Applet and JSF Integration - example

Can we implement javascript into applet/swing?If yes how? please give some basic/small example.

6. Java Applet / Javascript - How to manipulate print setup when printing a pdf through web?

How is it possible to control or manipulate the page setup in a web browser - im printing from a pdf file (adobe reader plugin). Is there a way, say for ...

7. JSF / Applet integration

In our current prototype most the standard HTML controls are replaced by an applet, most important the form submission is triggered by the applet. Is there a way to call an associated ...

8. JSF or Swing Applet?

9. JSF and dynamic applet param passing

10. dynamically add jmol applet in jsf

12. How to include an applet in JSF

Hi Tom, Thanka alot for your suggestion. I have tried, but not worked out. As reference I have pasted my sample Xhtml code below. Please let know am I doing correct or not? JSF 2.0: Static Navigation