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1. JSF selectItem label formatting

Trying to keep all the presentation stuff in the xhtml on this project and I need to format some values in a selectItem tag have a BigDecimal value and need to ...

2. Formatting a double in JSF

I have a problem similar to the one found here : What I want to do is to accept a double as a value for my and display ...

3. Using h:outputFormat to message-format the f:selectItems of a h:selectOneRadio

I am having some trouble with using h:selectOneRadio. I have a list of objects which is being returned which needs to be displayed. I am trying something like this:

<h:selectOneRadio id="selectPlan" layout="pageDirection">

4. Formatting the messages in JSF

HI, I have the following code in my JSP file:

<h:inputText id="name" value="#{ }" required="true"/>
<h:message for="name"/>
The error messages displayed is something like this:
j_id_jsp_1916142437_1:name: Validation Error: Value is required.
How can I format the output ...

5. JSF Menus not getting formatted stlyed

Contents of menucontents.jsp

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="f" %>
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="t" %>
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="h" %>

<f:subview id="menucontents">
    <f:loadBundle basename="" var="menu"/>
    <t:div id="hNav_outer">

6. h:inputText changing to scientific notation

I have an h:inputText control where I can type in numbers up to 7 digits and it will convert them to a decimal representation (ie. type in "9999999" and it will ...

7. Format a double for non-fractional numbers in JSF

I have an inputText that takes a value from the user and is bound to a double. If the value is "5000", subsequent pages will show it as "5000.0". Is there ...

8. Formatting problem.

10. formatting and converters

12. api to format a jsf code

13. what is the solution to show some records in none tabular format?

Hi Thank you for reading my post imagine that you have to show some number of records from a database but not in tabular format. I should show each company in its panel, i do not know how much items i have to show each time. the solution that i thought is what i used in Struts (i think) it is ...

14. newbie: message format question

15. JSF Format Menu

16. how to format the price of a product specified in Indian Rupees

Hai everyone, I need to format the price of a product specified in Indian Rupees. The format used here in India is Rs. 1,00,00,000 = 1 crore = 10 million = 10,000,000 (in the western format) But when I try with f:convertNumber with type="currency" it always format like this 10,000,000 How can I achieve this? The code I tried is as ...

17. Printing or rendering in landscape format

Hello all, I have a unique requirement from a client. They want a bunch of pages to be printed without the print dialog popping up i.e. when they hit the print button on the page its printed out directly. I have managed to do this with vbScript (they use IE exclusively and are happy with the solution). The problem I'm facing ...

19. Formatting

Hi , I am trying to bulid an app which which give you the possibility to customize the text, imagine today I want in text in cascade, but tomorrow I want in text in another format. Then I would write plain text press a button and the text appears in the page in the selected format. I am using primefaces, any ...

20. Any tips on how to obtain the Excel data in "human" format?

Well, just using the toString() method of a File object (which is what you did) isn't going to do all of the complicated work of extracting the data from that File, recognizing what kind of data it is, and breaking it up into human-readable pieces. That's your job. You have to write suitable code to do it.