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1. how to get data from HTMLDataTable in jsf?

<h:dataTable width="100%" border="1" cellspacing="0"
  cellpadding="2" style="border-collapse:collapse;display:block"
  styleClass="Header" value="#{adminBean.displayResults}"
  var="aResult" binding="#{adminBean.browseResultsHTMLDataTable}">
This is what i am trying to do. I have a dynamic list of data, which i try to ...

2. How to group rows in htmldatatable?

How to group rows in htmldatatable? I am using JSF. A short example :

TransNum   TransAmount   InvoiceNum   InvoiceAmount

   1        ...

3. columnClasses in HtmlDataTable

4. HTMLDataTable and Hashtable

Hello again, Okay this is a simple question. I have a HTMLDataTable which needs to bind to a Hashtable coming in from another developer's servlet(in request scope), this table has two column. first column, I need to bind to the hash key and the second column, I need to bind it to the hash value. How do I that? Second question.. ...

5. HtmlDataTable and "duplicate ID"

6. setting initial values for SelectOneMenus inside of an HtmlDataTable

I have an HtmlDataTable where one of the columns contains a SelectOneMenu. This SelectOneMenu represents the months in a year. What I want to do is set the initial value to last month when the table is first viewed and I'm not sure how to do this. My first thought was to bind the value attribute to a backing bean property ...

7. htmldatatable displays stale values?

Hi, I'm using t:datatable myfaces extension implementation of JSF data table. The value of datatable is bound a request-scoped backing bean property (ArrayList of POJO). The business service class returns list of POJOs which I diplay them as rows in the table. The issues that I have with the datatable is, when the arraylist is empty or size == 0, the ...

8. Iterating an HtmlDataTable.

Hi, If you have the ability to check boxes on multiple rows then referencing a boolean on the entity itself would be the way to go. e.g. That way if you had some sort of delete method you could reference the boolean on the entity to see whether to delete it however if you are just going to be ...

9. HtmlDataTable setRowCount

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12. paging methods (htmlDataTable)

13. Problem with dynamic creation of HtmlDataTable

Hi guys, I'm a JSF noob so please bear with me.. I create a HtmlDataTable dynamically in the constructor of the managed bean.. I then bind it to the JSP with a tag.. everything works fine till the page is rendered.. I can see my table with the values.. but as soon as I press the submit() button the post back ...

14. HtmlDatatable object being nulled out!