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I have use the following tag. But i don't know the jar file. i want to add that jar in my project.

<%@ taglib uri="/tags/taglib" prefix="comp"%>
and tag :
<comp:fileUpload value="#{uploadBean.uploadedFile}"
Help me. Thanks in advance. ...

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I installed M2Eclipse Plug-In for Eclipse. I'm not very experienced with maven. My Problem is that I can't download two Artifacts:

    13.07.10 08:53:30 MESZ: Build errors for test; ...

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I'm developing multi-module web application using maven. To keep it simple now: I have one module with almost every classes (controllers, ejbs, ...). The other one is only web-application. I have problems ...

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Other than modifying the jar directly, is there a way to suppress a PhaseListener included by an external library?

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I receive this error, after searching found suggestion: remove all maven*.lastUpdated from local repository. So I did it. Nothing happen. What else can be done? Thanks.

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P: 5 isra123 Dear All, Hope every one is feeling good, and happy new year . Can any one help me on this? I built an Alfreasco code and it works ...

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Hey .. I am using RAD 6.0. and I created a project "one".and i kept all my jar files, that are required for my application, in "oneEAR".when i run my project sample page it searching the jar files only in one/webcontent/WEB-INF/lib not in oneEAR. Actually am getting problem with only one jar file.its looking perfect for the remaining jar files.i donno ...

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Hello I have been struggling with the registration of EJB.jar files. I have successfully registered 8 but still have these remaining, with the following errors in GlassFish Console: AuditRepositoryEJB Deploying application in domain failed; Error loading deployment descriptors for module [AuditRepository] -- Referencing error: This bundle has no bean of name [AuditRepository] Error loading deployment descriptors for module [AuditRepository] -- Referencing ...

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