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Code: Select all import org.jfree.data.general.DefaultKeyedValues2DDataset; public class ChartBean { public DefaultKeyedValues2DDataset getLineDataSet() { DefaultKeyedValues2DDataset dataset = new DefaultKeyedValues2DDataset(); String series1 = "First"; String series2 = "Second"; String series3 = "Third"; ...

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Not really. The image is generated on the server, but rendered by the browser. The flickering is most likely caused by a slow network connection to the server. The browser, smart as it pretends to be, displays as much of the image as has been loaded (which usually means, you can watch the image grow bigger while it gets transferred over ...

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Hi, I am using JFreeCharts with JSF (along with JSF ChartCreator tld). I see jfreeCharts are very powerfull and possible to change colors, size, look and feel etc. ChartCreator expects the chart data as a datasource (which we return a jFreeChart DataSet from the backing bean) ChartCreator is making its own pie/line/bar charts (depending on the charttype property passed), and hence ...

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I want to display my JSF chart creator graph in another pop up window but its not displaying the image while we open the new window.I have embebde the graph inside

and while clicking on the print button I have used the following code.. function printDiv() { var disp_setting="toolbar=yes,location=no,directories=yes,menubar=yes,"; disp_setting+="scrollbars=yes,width=650, height=500, left=100, top=25,status=yes"; var content_value = document.getElementById('drivingBehaviour:historyFrom:graphAssetDetail'); alert(content_value.innerHTML); var docprint=window.open("","",disp_setting); ...

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Hi, We are using JSF chart creator.The web application provided with JSF chart creator working fine and its print preview is showing in IE .While integrating same file with our application graph showing properly but print preview in IE is not showing.Please help me.Its very urgent.I Have already posted one topic.But I did n't get a suitable solution till now.I am ...

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I basically have a same issue. I'm new with all this (JSF, JFreeChart, ChartCreator...) so may be too naive in the thinking. However, it would be nice if we have a JSF tag that works as follows: And in my backing bean: JFreeChart aChart; JFreeChart getAChart() { JFreeChart chart; ... Create whatever chart we have to create here ...

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I'm new to the forum so pardon me if the question has been asked (if it had been answered please point me to the right thread). Our web application uses JSF. The application needs to display few graphs which data come from database. We checked and JFreeChart is the library that we'll use. We also see that there's ChartCreator which provides ...

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