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1. JSF2 - backed by EJB or ManagedBean?

As I am learning JSF2, I realized I am not sure what the backing components should be. From design point of view, what is the difference between EJBs and @ManagedBeans? In the ...

2. Auto-create ManagedBean problem

I need to instanciate a ManagedBean manually in jsp code. I used the following code :

FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
  ActorBean bean = (ActorBean) context.getApplication().createValueBinding("#{actorBean}").getValue(context);
but I still get ...

3. How to Inject ManagedBeans in JSF2.0

I have got Controller-ManagedBeans and Model-ManagedBeans (like MVC-Pattern). Here my Controller:

    public class ProjectController {

 private ProjectData projectBean;   //The Model-ManagedBean ...

4. JSF2: Handling Data between ManagedBeans

I am confronted with a problem I don't find an easy suificiant way: I use different ManagedBeans to organise my views. There are controller that manage actions and passes data from/to persistence ...

5. JSF2: Handling RMI Connection from WebListener to ManagedBeans

Initial Problem Hi, I use a @WebListener Class to initiate a RMI connection at application deployment. That connects my JSF frontend with a backend. That works fine! Next I want to hand the connection ...

6. Java to get an instance of ManagedBean By its name

How to get an instance of a managed bean whose scope is request in JSF??

7. @Named behaving different from @ManagedBean

I'm currently migrating a project from JBoss 4.2.2 to JBoss 6.0.0 and I'm also adding Dependency Injection with CDI and migrate from JSF 1.2 to JSF 2.0. I added a beans.xml ...

8. JSF 2 : Is it possible to inherit @ManagedBean?

I have a Bean defined like this :

public class Bean implements Serializable {


9. ManagedBean is constructed but shouldn't?

I'working on a enterprise application that uses JSF 2.0, with Netbeans 7.0 and Glassfish 3.1 I have a managed bean that is ViewScoped. this is the declaration of the class:

@ManagedBean(name = "myBean")
public ...

10. JSF ManagedBeans

11. javax.faces.model.ManagedBean not found

12. Pass value to ManagedBean in Facelet

I am currently converting my old JSP pages to JSF 2.0 facelets. So far I am very impressed with the framework. I am running into an issue on one thing. I have a bean that I use to load assorted stylesheets based on what browser is being used, the theme and the specific section of the site. This bean provides a ...

13. Data issues on a SessionScoped managedbean JSF 2

Deployment System: JSF 2.0.1.FCS Mojarra Implematation on Weblogic 10.3 appserver No Spring or Hibernate. Synopsis: I have a table screen where a user can click an action (ie. edit, view) link on each row of data. 1. The user clicks a link on the table and receives a page (page 1) of information. 2. The user clicks an action on page ...

14. @ManagedBean vs @Named

16. Parametrize JSF managedBeans method

17. @ManagedBean Annotation JSF2

18. Why @ManagedBean works while @Named doesn't?

I am reading the book Core Java Server Faces 3rd Edition. There is a sample of JSF ajax feature and I tried it with NetBeans9.1 and GlassFish V3. However only when I use @ManagedBean, it works well. If I use @Named annotation, it seems that the @SessionScoped annotation doesn't work. Because I saw that the default constructor of User bean was ...

19. adv of BackingBeans over ManagedBeans

20. Value doesnt return when I use @Named annotation in JSF2 but @ManagedBean working fine.

Unfortunately, there's no diagnostic information available. Sometimes you'll get a "property x not defined on bean y" type of message, but that's usually in cases where lack of a value is fatal. Otherwise, when data just simply fails to show, do the following checklist: 1. Make sure that the bean itself is defined and cataloged as a managed bean and that ...

21. CDI or ManagedBean which is best to work with JSF?

You can easily be led to believe that CDI is the future and that managed beans will be consigned to the scrapheap, yet when you look into it I wouldn't say that there are loads of big advantages right now. The main problem I initially encountered when looking to move to CDI was that CDI has no view scope, and all ...

22. JSF 2 - Problem with ManagedBean