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1. Where JSF and struts2 fails/goods

I am begining a web system and can't decide what technology use! Struts2 and JSF (with jboss seam) are a nice choices, but I can't decide which's better. In JSF have ...

2. environment awareness (project stage in JSF)

2008/6/27 James Holmes <[hidden email]>: >> > I like it. This is one of the features of RoR that I really found useful. > > Anyone else had thoughts of doing something like this for Struts 2? I hope that my answer is not a flamebait, but I think that this feature is pretty lame. I think that it can ...

3. Equivalent of immediate="true" in JSF

4. Integrating Struts2 and JSF

Hi, I am kind of Newbie to Struts2 and JSF. I am trying to call a JSF page from Struts2. For this, I am using JSF plugin and followed the showcase example given in the site, which is not quite clear to me. Can anyone help me with this by letting me know about what exact changes should I need ...

5. Is Struts still a better choice over JSF as on today ?

Hi All, Just thought of taking your opinions. Will you consider Struts to be a better choice today compared to JSF ? Especially, given the fact that JSF has better controller flexibility, event handling capability and ease of development using a RAD tool ? Regards, Sourav **************** CAUTION - Disclaimer ***************** This e-mail contains PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION intended solely for ...

6. Struts vs JSF newbie questions

Hi, I am still in my quest to understand J2EE technologies. Today, I am reading about JSF. My questions are: i) I understand that in JSF, you have to define a navigation model from pages to pages. Therefore, it means that JSF is incompatible with Struts, correct? It is an either/or situation, one has to make a choice, correct? ii) Or ...

7. STRUTS with JSF

8. Struts2 vs JSF

hi there i am a webwork user, and now because WW become S2, so i am part of this community, and honestly i am blank of S1 :) and i got Matt's comparison here, and i think that will be awesome if we can share it here. I found that like it or not, JSF have a lot of promotion esp ...

9. jsf x struts

10. JSF & Struts 2gether in Jetspeed

11. Using Struts and JSF At the Same Time. Possible?

I think that JSF 1.0 and Struts could be made to work together - there's an article on Struts, JSF and Tiles at IBM DeveloperWorks. But I don't think it works with the current JSF architecture. Probably a year or so from now we expect the Struts Project Shale to join the two again, but at the moment, I don't think ...

12. JSF and Jakarta Struts

13. JSF vs Struts

14. JSF or STRUTS !!???

madhucm Welcome to Javaranch. We don't have too many rules around here but we do have a Naming Policy. Please read this and adjust your display name accordingly. Thanks. As to your question, I don't think anyone can tell you which one to use. The best that can be done is for you to know the differences between the 2 so ...

15. Struts like modules in JSF

16. Tough choice Struts or JSF

17. I know basics of struts can

18. Help Required - Struts-Faces

20. JSF vs Struts

21. JSF or Struts

23. DWR with Struts

24. Struts v/s JSF

Java is losing lot of web projects to .net stack becuase .net provides everything in one place, by one vendor and development time is also small. JSF Framework is being touted as strong contender to .net framework in web applications. The reason being foremost becuase of offical standardisation provided by Sun and secondly more advantageous from other J2ee open source frameworks ...

26. dynamic property in struts

27. Struts-Faces

29. JSF vs Struts

30. JSF in struts

Hi sureshbob, You can either use JSF along with Struts or only JSF or only Struts. It can be say, all navigations can be done using struts and bean management can be done using JSF. JSF provide better controller facility and Event based navigation to your web pages. You can use event handling similar to what we do in Swing. And ...

31. how can i integrate jsf and struts application

I like to integrate some of the jsp pages which is developed in eclipse,to another application which is developed in Websphere5.1.2 . if i integrate these files it shows the following error [8/28/06 14:16:37:109 IST] 7e07510e ConfigureList W com.sun.faces.config.ConfigureListener Can't parse configuration file:wsjar:file:/C:/Documents and Settings/LASER/Desktop/backup/jsf/guessnum/WebContent/WEB-INF/lib/myfaces.jar!/META-INF/faces-config.xml [8/28/06 14:16:37:266 IST] 7e07510e ConfigureList W com.sun.faces.config.ConfigureListener TRAS0014I: The following exception was logged is ...

32. To authors: Why is Struts bad and JSF not?

Here's my quick 2 cents.. 1. Struts is not bad at all. It's based on a solid architecture and when it was introduced, it did a lot to improve the J2EE Web dev experience. 2. JSF was originally architected by largely the same folks who built Struts, namely Craig McClanahan (he worked on JSF 1.0 - he also provided the foreward ...

33. JSF instead of Struts - Greetings Authors

He said something very like that in a very public place. I think it might have even been the Struts website itself during the period when Struts had become moribund. He noted that a typical workflow required something on the order of 3 action classes, one form bean and a JSP in Struts, vs. one backing bean and a JSP in ...

34. To Authors - JSF vs Struts vs AJAX

35. to authors: jsf/struts/ajax

36. JSF vs Struts

I'm not sure I'd agree that Faces is more complex - meaning harder to use in all cases. Building very basic Faces apps is very trivial and on par and perhaps even easier than Struts. I would say that Faces is more sophisticated though. This is due to the fact that it provides more technology with its UI component model. This ...

37. JSF and Struts

38. JSF in Struts.

I'm a consultant and have worked on many projects that I didn't start and won't finish. I learned a long time ago that even if I totally hate the framework the application was built in, it's best to "go with the flow" of the current application. Implementing a single page in a different framework makes nothing but trouble for you and ...

39. datagrid in struts

40. Struts or JSF

41. Struts or JSF

43. JSF was Sun's answer to Struts?

JSF wasn't so much designed to be a "Sun version of Struts" as it was to address some of the uglier aspects of Struts. And to make web app design more of the drag-drop-drool process it is in .Net. Struts is technically known as a "Model 2" architecture. It's based on the old MVC paradigm, but no webapp can truly implement ...

44. Advantages of JSF over struts..

45. JSF or Struts 2

I've been trying to answer the very same question. I haven't spent much hands on time with either, but JSF/Facelets more than Struts 2. I've enjoyed what I've seen of JSF/Facelets so far. I'm going to continue down this path at the moment I think. I'm starting to think frameworks like Struts and Spring are simply too much for my needs. ...

46. JSF & struts

47. JSF vs Struts?

48. what is better JSF or Struts?

49. struts-faces.jar

50. use of ActionMessages in struts

51. struts has action class - anything similar in jsf

There isn't one. The action methods are also part of the backing beans. You're trading the OO "purity" of keeping data and functions separate in exchange for reducing the total number of classes. Backing beans are a facade for the business layer, however, not intended to be primary data objects in their own right. Struts offends in the opposite direction. I've ...

52. why JSF than Struts ?

53. Advantages of JSF over Struts

54. Struts? JSF?

55. Struts or JSF

56. Newbie needs to choose -- Struts Classic, Struts Shale, or JSF

I'm probably wandering into a religious war here, but we are a brand new Java shop and we are looking for advice on whether we should be learning Struts Classic, Struts Shale, or JavaServer Faces. If you had NO legacy Java applications at all and were just starting out, which would you choose? I have a fair amount of experience with ...

57. Struts vs JSF

58. integrating jsf with struts

59. Migrating Application - From Struts with AJAX to JSF with AJAX

Hello, I have the following requirement. It will be great help if some one from the forum will able to advice us. Problem Statement: We have an application that is written in Struts. The struts application extensively uses AJAX. Let me explain the architecture of the existing application. Existing Architecture The application has struts based JSP page which uses AJAX for ...

61. Why not jsf instead of struts

63. Integrating Struts with JSF

64. Struts or JSF?

65. difference between struts and jsf

Java Server Faces technology is used for buiding UI for web applications. The core value of the Struts framework is the Controller and the simplicity of customizing the Controller to suit your needs. Struts provides basic UI creation utilities via JSP tag libraries. Struts and JSF technology work together. The JSF JSP elements are far more advanced than the basic Struts ...