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1. How can I develop a CSS based layout that is 100% browser compatible?

We are in the process of creating a few layouts for various external and internal websites. One of the developers is using the not-so best practice of switching his CSS file ...

2. Problem trying to send file to browser in JSF

Hi I've tried two different techniques for sending a file to a browser(making the user download a file). I've tried an example from myfaces wikipage

FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();

3. JSF and browser back

I have a very strict requirement to use POST to pass in request parameters to my application upon entry. Once entering the application (page1), entering form information and continuing to ...

4. JSF - Display MS word document on the web browser

For one of my projects, I need to display MS word document on web browser using JSF 2.0. The web application contains header, contents and so on. The MS word document ...

5. Browser events in JSF

Is there anyway we can catch browser events like "Back", "Forward" in JSF backing bean or Javascript ?

6. JSF - detect when user has exited browser window

In my application I have created some locking / unlocking functionality based on the current page that the user is viewing. A user can view a page and will acquire a ...

7. JSF - List of supported Browsers

Can someone help me to find out the list of all Supported Browsers for JSF2?

8. How to display Browser name and version with JSF 2.0?

I just need to display the browser name and its version on a <h:outputText/> in the user's homepage. Can we achieve this via JSF 2.0?

Mojarra 2.0.4 - Primefaces 2.2.1- glassfish v3 ...

9. Browser-dependent CSS switch with JSF

I need some browser specific CSS in my JSF2 application (Mojarra 2.1, Tomcat 7). I tried adding to my template:

    <!--[if IE 8]>

10. issue is with IE8 and IE7 browsers?

i developed a application using JSF. in one scenario 'CreateAccount', i have three tabs in the header. like tab1>tab2>tab3 tab1: for enter the date of the birth of the user, tab2: for enter ...

11. how to view xml as tree in browser?

Please tell me how to view the following XML as tree in a browser using java Server Faces or JavaScript function?

<?xml version="1.0"?>

12. How to open new tab or new browser window in IE broswer by clicking h:commandButton without JavaScript?

In my application I need to open new tab or browser window in internet explorer by clicking <h:commandButton> without using JavaScript code. How can I do this? After I searched ...

13. Is there a more elegant way of switching templates based on the user-agent, in JSF?

We have a web application written with JSF and are trying to add a mobile version to it. Ideally, we'd have a separate folder with templates, CRUD and resources (e.g. jQuery ...

14. Handling the back browser button while iterating through a list

I have a list that I iterate through and fill in the fields one page at a a time. I'm using an array list and I increment a counter everytime the ...

15. Bind h:link with browser back button

Is there a way to bind browser back button event with a h:link in the form? I'm using JSF 2.0 Here's the component which is in a h:form

<h:link id="reset" value="reset" outcome="xhtmlpage">
Thanks ...

16. Browser navigation

Hmm, I think we need a confirm on that form submit. Anyway... This app is not JSF, but does not play well with refresh because its multi-frame, and has a dubious relationship with the back button. I was not at this meeting, and I told the person to get me next time they demanded that because, basically, they can demand whatever ...

18. JSF and cross-browser

19. JSF Browser issues

I was under the naive assumption that there are no rendering issues when using different browsers with jsf (jsf 1.1 RI ). I've just noticed that a selectManyMenu tag renders differently on Firefox, and IE. Specifically it appears in the expected form on IE, but resembles a textfield on Firefox. Is this the tip of the iceberg? regards, Mo

20. Disabling Back Button of the Browser

21. Opening a new browser window

In my application, a user has chosen a news feed from a list of options. I can get that chosen url into an action method or action listener. I want to open a new browser window on the client's machine and display the selected news feed there. I also want to show a refreshed page in the original browser window. I ...

23. how to display line break in browser using h:inputTextarea?

Hi, interrupt the rendering of the value of the inputtextArea - you can do this using a javascript function by getting hold of the id ( handler of the tag on the form), and then manipulate the value attribute of the inputTextArea value. You can also achieve the new - line feature as desired using a javascript array. First get the ...

24. Closing browser window without Javascript

Even if you are going to JSF for this... It is going to use JavaScript because whatever you do at the client side have to be done with some sort of scripting. (Please correct if there is some other way to do it.) JSF generates a lot of JavaScript code which can be seen by viewing the source of the page ...

25. t:graphicImage not being displayed in browser

Hi to everyone out there. i am using it in a table as following <%@ page language="java" import="java.util.*" pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1"%> <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="h"%> <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="f"%> <%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/lib/taglibs/tomahawk.tld" prefix="x"%> <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="t"%>
Tree view

28. how to stop image being chached in browser in jsf

Hello guys, first of all Greetings for the day! Actually my problem is i have a jsf page on which i am displaying an image and some other data, i have one edit button too. If user click on edit he can change the data, that all is working fine, what exactly my problem is when user changes the image then ...

29. How to disable browser back button

30. invoking action when browser is closed

32. How to do logout when browser closes in jsf

While it may be possible to register an event listener to be called back when the browser closes using JavaScript (Howerver most of the time it doesn't wok perfectly), You can't rely on such mechanism as the browser may shutdown due to crash or even worse the network connection may get disconnected for any reason before issuing the request to invalidate ...

33. Catch browser's close window event

Hi Evangelos, I think that the first thing to find out is how the detect in JavaScript when a browser should be closed. This piece of code will be not trivial if want to make sure that you component should work under several browsers and also in different versions of them. I would also assume that you don't 've to reinvent ...

35. Do stuffs when browser closes

That's a bad idea. HTTP doesn't work by opening a connection and holding it until the user logs out (or closes the browser). Instead, each time you send a URL, a connection is opened from the browser to the server, data is sent from the browser to the server, the server sends back a response, then the connection is closed. The ...

36. suppress ConverterException messages from displaying in browser

Hi Nirvan I am not very sure about this, but you can give it a try. What I think, the exception message by default taking the Id of the page. You just need to divert this exception message to any id which doesn't exist. So, it will be automatically suppressed. If you can provide some code, it would be easier for ...

37. Browser issue:Action not getting called

38. File browser button

I am trying to design a form which takes as input a file name. I am not upload this file just storing the file name within a database. I would like to allow the user to browse to the file to ensure the filename is correct. If I were using plain HTML I could use . However, this is ...

42. how to handle browser back button in jsf application

i am using richfaces3 in my web application. the problem I'm facing here is.. if the user has visited some other site like and visits my application, logs into my application, he is redirected to home page. Now if the user clicks back button he will be redirected to the previous page that is And if the user clicks ...

43. browser back button with JSF

In my application I display a JSF page where the user can enter selection values which are then used to retrieve the records from the database. The information retrieved is stored in a bean and then displayed as a DataTable. This works OK. The page contains a "Cancel" button which removes the bean from the session scope. The next time the ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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