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I wanted to know how the properties file is loaded for a JSF page and the overhead involved. For eg, if I load a properties file in let's say 10 JSF pages, is it loaded 10 times or is it re used after loading it a single time? Because for the application I'm developing minute care needs to be taken care ...

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Hi guys, I am trying to localize general REQUIRED message and from some reason I can not pass through parameter. Part of my faces-config.xml ... en com.test.i18n.messages messages.properties ... javax.faces.component.UIInput.REQUIRED=Value is required for {0}. And what I get on screen when validation fails is: Value is required for {0}. I would expect something like: Value is required for ...

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Hello, there I have this JSF application, using Facelets and Tomahawk with several documents which are making a significant amount of properties created into the messages bundle properties file. I know there are some possibilities available like to distribute the properties into several property files or using naming conventions for the properties but I want to know what are the main ...