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1. Where do I find the Eclipse JavaServer Faces config editor palette?

While running through the cheat sheet "create a navigation rule" for the Eclipse JavaServer Faces tooling it says "select the page control from the palette and ...". But where's ...

2. How do you develop JSF apps?

I'm working for the first time on a project that requires building a webapp which makes heavy use of JSF (and ICEfaces in particular). There's a mix of stuff to be ...

3. JSF action, value and binding catalog generator

I am looking for a simple tool that generates a catalog of all used action methods, values and bindings. I'm working on a big JSF/RichFaces project and I have lost the ...

4. JSF Eclipse Designer

Is there any Eclipse plugin that will allow me to do a Visual Studio like drag-and-drop for JSF components on a web page? So I won't have to write <f:input...> and ...

5. How to Get JSF 2.0 Working with Eclipse 3.5 and JBoss 5.1

I am running Eclipse 3.5 and JBoss 5.1. I want to create a JSF 2.0 project. I heard here that the Eclipse JBoss Tools plugin version 3.1 (available

6. how to add taglibs and jar files in eclipse for autosuggest?

I do not know how do i do this? If I press ctrl + spacebar in eclipse editor , I was able to see jsf tag attributes, .XHTML Attributes and all - ...

7. Problems with Eclipse (and m2eclipse)

I use Eclipse and I have serious problems :-( First I try to reconstruct my situation rudely for you:

  1. I installed Eclipse JEE Helios and JDK 1.6.0_21 and configured windows' system vaariables
  2. I ...

8. Eclipse custom java complier

I am using eclipse to create my jsf project. I created my own components, and I don't want the other programmers to be able to use jsf regular components like h:inputtext etc. How ...

9. Starting JSF project with Eclipse

i whant to ask, if there is simple way to start clean JSF project in Eclipse? I mean, so preoject with configuration and sample data? I need something like Matt Raible's App ...

10. Weld jsf2 ear skeleton project eclipse

Anyone knows how to create a skeleton weld ear project (with js2 support) project for eclipse? Tanks

11. Eclipse & JSF: Library linking

Using Eclipse Helios, I'd like to develop a JSF based application. I tried to work through a tutorial. Even though I thought to have installed all the required stuff ...

12. add jsf project facet in eclipse/ why need it?

I started on JSF2.0.
I followed a tutorial with no problem and all worked fine! I used Eclipse Helios.
But I noticed something I can not understand.
The tutorial said to add Project Facet ...

13. New to JSF need help with generating Dynamic Content

HI, I'm new to JSF and am trying to use the examples from the book "Begining JSF 2APIs and JBoss Seam" by kent Ka lok Tong. I followed all the instructions but ...

14. How to create JSF 2.0 project on Eclipse AND Websphere Community Edition 2.1

I want to create JSF 2.0 project in Eclipse 3.6 and I want to deploy it on Websphere Application Server Community Edition 2.1. I created a simple web project. And in index.html I ...

15. Is JSF2 usable in concert with the "Snaps" web UI framework based on Eclipse Virgo?

Snaps is a (rather new) web framework growing out of the Eclipse Virgo community that (will) allow dynamic, componentized web UIs by exploiting the OSGi infrastructure. Apparently it is the heir ...

16. JSF2.0 + Ecllipse

I am following this to build a JSF project in eclipse. I am using Eclipse Gallileo. The problem I am facing is that it is mentioned to use DynamicWebModule 2.5 ...

17. Eclipse (STS) trying to create appfuse-basic-jsf:RELEASE fails

I am getting really frustrated with this, I have installed the latest STS release from Spring and I am now trying to setup a simple archtype Project based on appfuse-basic-jsf. By ...

18. Improving my JSF 2.0 development enviroment

I was looking around the web, trying to find some drag/drop visual builder for my JSF pages in eclipse Helios. Unfortunately i did not find it. Meanwhile i discovered that if i ...

19. Web Development: Cannot load an image

i'm starting to using the new version of Eclipse , version 3.7 (Eclipse Indigo). My problem is simple, i'm developing in JSF 2.0 using GlassFish 3.0 as a server, if i try:

<img ...

20. JSF Maven Mojarra implementation

I try to create simple project with JSF, Eclipse and Maven. I used

for download by Maven jsf-api. But if I understand correct I also need jsf-impl? When I try add like:
nothing find. Where ...

21. Eclipse (with JSF) code assistance (auto code hinting) problem

I am doing a JSF project in Eclipse (Helios) and I enabled the JSF facet for my project. Code assistance (code hinting) works for the JSF tags but not for the attributes. ...

22. How to change CVS properties for a project that I imported

I imported a project from a colleague's workspace in eclipse. I made some modifications to the project and now I want to commit the changes to CVS. When I try to ...

23. How to import a single file from CVS into project

I'm trying to copy a single file from CVS into a new project that I created, but when you right click on the file in CVS it doens't have the option ...

24. How to write an eclipse content assist?

I want to write a plugin which will give me content assist support and work in JSF. I want it to work like the sample below :

  • I'll type "p:button action="#{
  • Then I'll ...

25. a helloworld in jsf 2 not work?

i working with my first jsf hello world but this is not working... i use jboss application server 6 + Jbosstools eclipse plugin my web.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<web-app xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="" xmlns:web="" xsi:schemaLocation="" version="3.0">


I am getting this warning in Eclipse:

NLS missing message: CANNOT_FIND_FACELET_TAGLIB in: org.eclipse.jst.jsf.core.validation.internal.facelet.messages ICEfacesPage1.xhtml /myapp/src/main/webapp
On the following lines:
Any ideas why, and how to ...

27. The action value does not match a navigation case outcome

i am getting the following error in eclipse:

The action value does not match a navigation case outcome
on the following line:
<h:commandLink value="Add person" action="add?faces-redirect=true" />
i am using JSF 2, tomcat 6, glassfish ...

28. Could not open the editor: Null charset name

i am using eclipse helios 3.6 when i tried to open xhtml pages with web page editor i got the following error:

Could not open the editor: Null charset name
yesterday it was working ...

29. Add JSF-Tomahawk library to Eclipse

I've been trying to add tomahawk library to a JSF app. I click on project -> BuildPath -> Libraries -> Add external Jars. But when I try to deploy there's a message that ...

30. How to Enable the JSF facet in eclipse user library

I'm having troulbe enabling JSF in Eclipse. I have installed the WPT tools that should have had JSF included but when I right click on my project, properties, facets, enable ...

31. Where is POM.XML in Eclipse JSF Project?

I am having problem when running my simple JSF hello-world like web app. The tomcat says: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: conversion.Test Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException - conversion.Test Now, I googled up and this link shows. I have downloaded ...

32. how to debug JSF/EL

How to debug EL in the JSF page? I'd like to watch variable values, function calls an so on. The best solution would be an eclipse plugin, but any other possibility ...

33. Structure for multiple JSF projects with shared code

I have two JSF projects that share a lot of code - java classes, xhtml files, tag libraries, css and javascript files etc. My dev environment/platform consists mainly of Eclipse, Ant, ...

34. Curso JAVA + Eclipse + NetBeans + JSF + Integra

35. JAVA + Eclipse + NetBeans + JSF + Flex & JAVA

36. building JSF on Eclipse WTP

37. JSF and Eclipse

I've been using Eclipse 3.1 with JSF/Spring/Hibernate for a few months now. The key to success in my opinion, is the Eclipse Web Tools Platform. You can download a complete build, which includes the Eclipse 3.1 workbench and release 0.7 of the WTP from here. This doesn't have any specific JSF features, but does have great Tomcat integration and code ...

38. jsf with wtp-eclipse

40. Eclipse is not productive for JSF?

41. Problems with running JSF in Eclipse 3.1

Hello, I am a programmer and pretty much new to the JSF technology. I have a problem running an example from a book, "Beginning Java EE 5". Hope somebody can help out. ************************************************************************** First the error message I get: HTTP Status 500 - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- type Exception report message description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling ...

44. Decent FREE JSF editor for Eclipse?

45. webgalileo and Eclipse?

Has anyone been able to get the webgalileo components to work? I have been trying trying to use webgalileo but I have had no luck. In their documentation they talk about having to have a 'webgalileo.key' file but I am assuming that was before they went open source as I can not find the file anywhere.

46. Eclipse with Apache & JSF

47. Eclipse JSF ID Generator

One could be written, I suppose. Or you could cook up an XSLT and run that. However, simply assigning generated IDs to your JSF elements is doing yourself a disservice. It's better to use descriptive names for id's. You don't need to give every little tag an ID - there's really only 2 reasons why you need an ID: 1. If ...

48. eclipse and visual web pak for jsf

49. jboss, jsf, eclipse problem

51. JBoss Seams: Eclipse: Control Flow !

53. any ADF Faces plugin for eclipse?

56. JSF GUI based plugin for Eclipse

57. Going Eclipse, need some guidance

58. JSF2 eclipse

Hi, I have some problem with my JSF2 EJB3 project. First, my project is fully functional with Netbeans 6.8 with same database(MySQL) with same locale AS(GlassFish). I have tried to migrate the project into "Glassfish Tools Bundle For Eclipse". But not succesfully. My application contains some crud applications etc. I can run the project without error and exception. There is a ...

59. Which Eclipse realise to develop JSF?

61. what is this: org.eclipse.swt.SWTError?

62. Eclipse palette problem

63. jsf plugin

64. jsf pagecode sync with WTP

Greetings! We are currently using RAD 7 and are very interested in moving to Eclipse. RAD has a handy feature that allows you to modify your page while automatically updating the pagecode with the appropriate getters and setters. So far, we've not found anything in Eclipse (plugin or otherwise) that will do this for us. Does anyone know of a way ...

65. plugin for using jsf in eclipse