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I'm following the Java EE firstcup tutorial with Netbeans 6.8 and it says:

With the firstcup project selected in the Projects pane, expand Configuration File and double-click ...

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Could anyone suggest some free/commercial visual editors for JSF. I have tried Visual Web Plugin for Netbeans but was not much impressed.

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When I originally installed 6.9 I was able to install the JSF Visual editor. It was working great. I then had to re-install 6.9 and now I do not see the ...

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javax.faces jsf-api ...

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I encountered problem installing JSF plugins in 6.9 Zip format installation. Going to the plugin manager, select Visual JSF and install, I get this error: "The plugin Editor Library is requested ...

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8. Editor Development using JSF    coderanch.com

Hi, In our project we need to develop an editor for our client. The editor is almost like the one which we get in yahoo.mail.com (when we click on the compose button). I am thinking of considering Java Server Faces for the editor development. Is it the best choice ? Need your suggestions. Thank you, Porkodi.

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