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1. Calling EJB3 from a Faces BackingBean    stackoverflow.com

I have a simple web application, packed as an EAR, deployed on Glassfish. The EAR has a web module and an EJB module. The web module has a faces page, and a ManagedBean. The ...

2. EJB3 Business Delegates    stackoverflow.com

Is there any reason for making delegate when using EJB3? Because the only real benefit i see from delegate is that it allows to hide lookup and access details of EJB ...

3. Am I using EJBs properly?    stackoverflow.com

I am using a JEE6 stack including JPA 2.0, JSF 2.0, EJB 3.1 etc. The way my architecture is setup is the following: I have JPA annotated DAOs using hibernate as my JPA ...

4. By using ejb3 and jsf do I still have to do jndi lookup?    stackoverflow.com

I am not sure jndi lookup is necessary or not in terms of ejb3 technology advantages. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

5. EJB Update Model from selectOneMenu    stackoverflow.com

Can anyone please tell me why the following isn't working?

<h:selectOneMenu value="#{modelosController.selected.idMarca}">
    <f:selectItems value="#{marcasController.itemsAvailableSelectOne}" />
<h:commandButton action="#{modelosController.createByMarcas}" value="Buscar" />
And the ...

6. Command Button Render?    stackoverflow.com

I have one command button for task add to cart, it means when items quantity instock is geater than 0 command button will display but if items quantity instock is 0 ...

7. How to load a velocity template into an EJB to be used as a mail template    stackoverflow.com

I have a Java EE 6 application in which I'd like to use velocity to generate mails from a template. I have a @Named bean which is responsible for loading and ...

8. EJB injection fails when interceptor is present    stackoverflow.com

I'm facing a problem when using DI and interceptors in an JSF app. I have a backing bean that observes JSF events and performs some initial data lookup. In the JSF page ...

9. help to create Internal messaging    stackoverflow.com

I want to create an internal messaging system and that is what I did I have a User Entities for user and one for message I do not know if this is ...

10. Database Connection break EJB3    stackoverflow.com

I have a jsf/ejb3 application doing some queries to an oracle database. Everything was working OK. Then, I loss my db connection, and after that, the application keeps failing with these ...

11. ManagedProperty cannot be assigned    stackoverflow.com

I found a a quite strange behaviour from my Code. I have two ManagedBeans and a Class. If i try to Access a ManagedProperty, I sometimes get a

First Bean:
public class CreateNumberBean extends ...

12. jpql Join query    stackoverflow.com

i have an association table called MenuPrevilege between 2 tables called Menu and Previlege. In order to get all menus of a specific previlege i created a named query in the Menu ...

13. Multiple ajax calls jsf2 and ejb3.1    stackoverflow.com

I have multiple live charts. Currently I have multiple links one for each chart. When a user clicks a link, the corresponding chart is loaded and every 5 seconds an ajax ...

14. Create EJB with two interfaces. @Local interface for web module and @Remote interface for local app client    stackoverflow.com

I have a EAR package that contains a web module and EJB. The EJB is currently exposed its contains to local app client via Remote interface

public class CoreEJB implements CoreEJBRemote {


15. f:ValueChangeListener nullifying EJB injection    stackoverflow.com

It loads stateList fine, but when I change the value of a state, it calls the backbean but addressBO is null. How can I fix it? Any other way to do it? Thanks ...

16. Java CDI & Observer issue - When the listener method is invoked, dependencies are null    stackoverflow.com

Issue: When the listen method is invoked on ContentViewLog, the log and entity manager are null. BlogDetailBean (A bean used on a JSF2 page)

public class BlogDetailBean {


17. javax.ejb.EJBException: javax.ejb.CreateException: Could not create stateless EJB    stackoverflow.com

I have found some same-title articles . Unfortunately, I couldn't find any solution for my error. I'm new to JEE, JSF, EJB. I'm using Netbeans 7.0.1. I'm following this guide:

18. Using a Singleton to create a default administrative account    stackoverflow.com

I never used the @Singleton new feature of JavaEE 6 and i want to give it a try. I was thinking in creating s Singleton to just hold a password that will ...

19. EJB - external lib or inside JSF project?    stackoverflow.com

I'm packaging my app as WAR archive. What are pros/cons of these two approaches:

  1. Keep EJB (beans, entities etc) as separate project and include into WAR as lib (*.jar file - WEB-INF/lib) ...

20. JSF2, can I use @EJB to inject a service into a @FacesConverter?    stackoverflow.com

I have a JSF2 project (on GlassFish 3.1). I'm using @EJB to inject services into managed beans. Now I have a converter annotated with @FacesConverter. I tried to do this (below) but ...

21. What's the difference between @Stateful and @SessionBean using JSF 2 and EJB 3.1?    stackoverflow.com

They seen really a lot alike. I know one is a View and one is a EJB but the behavior is almost identical as far as I can see.

22. Issue with EJB/JSF2.0    stackoverflow.com

I'm currently practicing JSF and EJB, but right now I can't get the page to show the information requested, this have input text and submit button (input.xhtml) and the expected result ...

23. How to obtain data from database when using h:link and h:button in JSF GET method    stackoverflow.com

I am having a simple application with one entity. The entity is Car so I have made CRUD methods and a "get all cars" method. I am using JSF to make ...

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28. JSF, EJB3 target unreachable, returned null    coderanch.com

I'm reading this superficially, but it sounds like you have encountered the Lazy Fetch problem. JPA domain model objects by default do eager fetches of their primitive contents, but lazy fetches on their complex (JavaBean) properties. While you can present a domain model object in a Managed Bean, the necessary fetch/store mechanisms aren't accessed directly by JSF, so usually you'd front ...

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31. JSF and EJB    coderanch.com

Hi together, i was searching a while around for the above mentioned Topic. I am very new (in both technologies) and with my first steps to combine EJB (3.1) and JSF (2.0) i have no idea about "best practice" Lets try to build up a very simple situation, without going in to too deep: a very simple Entity: @Entity public class ...

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