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1. How can I load txt file from internet into my jsf app?

It's me again) I have another problem. I want to load file (for example - txt) from web. I tried to use the next code in my managed bean:

 public void ...

2. Cannot open xls file in IE

We have JSF web application that generates XLS file and gives user link to thes file.
All works fine if access this file via HTTP.
But IE(8) cannot open/save this xls file via ...

3. JSF JavaScript problem - "jsf" is undefined

my webapplication works very fine with: Opera, FF, Chrome, Safari. Now i tested it on IE and there are some weird errors. I debugged my website with IE and it said:

<a id="navi:searchButton" href="#" ...

4. Internet Explorer cannot download the file served by JSF

I am using JSF tag h:commandButton(and also tried using h:commandLink) to download a PDF or CSV file for my project. But it gives the following error: Internet Explorer cannot download abc.jsf. Internet ...

5. JS function applies checkbox value not immediately for IE

Another one cross-browser issue. JS logic:
if one specific check-box is checked,that dependent ones are checked automatically and vice versa,if this check-box is unchecked ,that dependent unchecked also:

function changeStatusCheckBox(statusCheckbox) {
    if ...

6. IE not downloading files over SSL

IE 7 & 8 both throw an error when users attempt to download a csv file over https.

Internet Explorer cannot download downloadPage.jsf. Internet Explorer was not able to open this internet ...

7. Javascript window.location is getting called again and again IE-8

I am checking, getting and setting a cookie to trace the last visited page. And to do this I am calling a javascript onload. Issue is when I execute this ...

8. Override Internet Explorer intranet compability mode using JSF

Microsoft Internet Explorer switches to compability mode for intranet pages. I found a solution for the issue here, but it applies to an web application only. I however develop ...

9. not working with IE7

I am facing when i am opening a popup with IE there any way around for this

<h:commandButton value="Submit" action="#{bean.submit}">
<f:ajax render="popup" />

<h:panelGroup id="popup">
<ui:fragment rendered="#{not empty bean.url}">

11. Wanna know abt how to deploy our application in Internet

Hi everyone. I have been learning JSF for the past 4 months. I m planning to create my own website using JSF and deploy it in Internet. But i dont know abt the procedures of deploying it in net. I want all the details regarding this starting from domain space available for rent. And FYI i m using BEA workspace studio ...