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1. Public/Popular Websites using JavaServer Faces

Are there any popular and/or public websites that utilize the JavaServer Faces framework? I don't ever recall stumbling across any ever on the Internet. In my experience JavaServer Faces is ...

2. Struts, JSF like MVC framework in .Net

I am from J2EE background and recently started looking into .Net. I am wondering if .Net have Struts, JSF like MVC framework available?

3. MVC architecture example using JSF 2.0 and EJB 3?

Somebody knows an example of this? an application made with JSF 2.0 and EJB 3? directory structure, etc, those kind of things, I’m trying to approach the best way to create ...

4. MVC and JavaServer Faces

  1. when we speak of a view technology are we meaning the framework that we use to create the web pages like JSP or Facelets? Practically in the MVC pattern is it ...

5. JSF: Controller that relies on another controller?

I'm working on a project where we have a FooViewController, and a BarListController. The list of Bars now needs to depend on the Foo being viewed. So does anyone ...

6. why separate navigation rule from code in MVC

more and more frameworks are trying to separate navigation rules from code. for example, JSF got "navigation-rule" tag in faces-config.xml to control page flows. new xcode 4.2 introduced storyboard so developers ...

7. MVC with JSF

8. MVC Model 2 and JSF

10. JSF and MVC

11. MVC Model and Domain Model

12. JSF and struts MVC

13. In JSF - what is the MVC?

14. JSF and MVC.