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1. Using Trinidad in JSF environment

I'm facing an unpleasant issue with an JSF based application of mine. Right now i have several xhtml-Files which include / make use the following taglibs:

Now I want to include apache trinidad ...

2. jsf Trinidad: Change tr:table header

I have a tr:table with the rowSelection property set to "single". It draws a extra column with a radio buttons inside. But I want to change the text displayed at that ...

3. How can I get popup window using commandButton in Trinidad?

How can I get popup window using commandButton in Trinidad? My problem is that by clicking on Add button from dialogdemo.jspx, not any popup window or dialog box is opened. This is ...

4. Building a mobile web site

We are in the process of looking at allowing mobile devices to view our site. We have targeted 3 phones - BlackBerry, iPhone and Android. Being new to all this I ...

5. JSF Trinidad tr:inputText trimming

When user inserts white spaces in input generated by tr:inputText and submits form I get the value that was submitted in JSF converter (my converter does no trimming) set on the ...

6. Need to display three Apache Trinidad charts in three columns instead of the default two

I have created three charts using the Apache Trinidad chart component and I am having trouble customizing the display of the charts. By default, the charts (or gauges in my case) ...

7. expand JSF tree through Javascript

I have a functional trinidad tree . I want to expand the tree when the page is loaded.

<tr:tree id="treeid"  value="#{backingbean.model}" var="model">
I am calling the following JS function on page ...

8. Skins for apache trinidad

Hi I would like to know how to use a skin with trinidad. i have created a eclipse project with JSF 1.2 ( apache myfaces ), JSTL, Apache Trinidad 1.2.14. in ...

9. Trinidad poll jsf

Hi i am trying to use tr:poll with no success. My jspx looks like inside body tag,


        <tr:poll id="poller" interval="500" pollListener="#{sessionScope.mainBean.polled}" ></tr:poll>

10. Apache Trinidad tr:panelTabbed always validates content of current tab

I have a Problem with the Apache Trinidad tr:panelTabbed component. I am trying to put different forms into the tabs (tr:showDetailItem) of this component. This, for the first try, does not ...

11. Issue faced with Trinidad Table, Partial Trigger, and Read Only

I have a trinidad table with one column contains drop downs (select one choice) for each row and another column contains an input text for each row. When a particular option ...

12. Getting warning "getClientId should not be called while the view is being constructed."

In my JSF application I have one JSP page which keeps generating a warning which sometimes gets rendered. In the log files I can see something like this:

WARNING: getClientId should not ...

13. Trinidad-demo not working with Skin

14. how to inform the total rows to trinidad table

Hi, I am using to list the data passed on from a bean. The range listener is working fine and I get the current start row. But if I pass only 25 (default number of rows per page), is displaying only those 25 rows and "prev", "next" links are missing. Is there a way to set the total rows ...

15. Trinidad's table range navigation control

Hi guys, I'm using MyFaces Trinidad's table component and I have the next question: Let's pretend I have a database table with hundred of thousands of rows. I don't want to retrieve all rows in a bean's collection and put it to the session, because it will be huge. Is there a way to retrieve the next portion of rows only ...

18. trinidad table navigation problem

Hi, I am using trinidad faces in my project and i am using the tag provided by trinidad to display the data in a tabular format. I am using the navigation feature that is provided by the table tag, but the next previous links are not working as expected. When ever i click on the next link the new set ...

19. myeclipse & jsf trinidad library

20. Breadcrumb in trinidad

Hi thanks a lot for the reply. If i specify default renderer kit as trinidad in my faces-config, the command button(tomahawk) stopped working.I'm unable to go to the next page. But to use trinidad we have to specify default renderer kit rite? Do you have any solution for this? Can i use both tomahawk and trinidad together?

23. JSF and trinidad- Help with multiple iterations in a table

Hi, im very new to the JSF framework and apache trinidad. I need help with what many of you will probably think is very trivial, but i really can't figure this out at all!! I am working on a page which collects a user's input via a textfield. the top level textfield is called "procedure". there is an add button which ...

27. JSF trinidad -hangs (IE 7)

31. Tree using Trinidad

32. Generate dynamic id for rowlayout in Trinidad

Hi , In JSF-Trinidad I am using the < tr:forEach > to iterate and display the details in list. Inside the I am using . I have to generated dynamic id for this row layout. For example , > . But using scriptlet in id attribute throws me illegalstateId exception. Based on this id only I have expand ...

33. Dropdown in trinidad

34. Dropdown in trinidad

Hi, I am using nested table in trinidad.My requirement is ,initially one drop down will be displayed.Based on the selection in this drop down i have to populate the second drop down. For this i need to pass the selected value of the first drop down and a value present in a output text to a method present in the backing ...

36. possible trinidad IE font bug

37. Problem with Trinidad's Dialog box.

38. Trinidad 2 TableRenderingContext nullpointer

Hello all, I am trying to generate a Trinidad 2 table by dynamically add columns and rows in the backing bean. Even when I only add an empty table in the bean my internet browser returns a TableRenderingContext nullpointer exception. java.lang.NullPointerException at org.apache.myfaces.trinidadinternal.renderkit.core.xhtml.table.TableRenderingContext.( at org.apache.myfaces.trinidadinternal.renderkit.core.xhtml.TableRenderer.createRenderingContext( at org.apache.myfaces.trinidadinternal.renderkit.core.xhtml.TableRenderer.encodeAll( at org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.render.CoreRenderer.encodeEnd( at org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.component.UIXComponentBase.encodeEnd( at org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.component.UIXCollection.encodeEnd( etc... Bean code: @ManagedBean(name = "Table") @SessionScoped public ...

39. How do I bind nested table using Trinidad?

Hi There, I want to get selected row data from nested tables I am able to bind simple table for row selection, I am trying same for nested table(i.e. child table), but it's not working. Can any one suggest me, how do I bind nested table using Trinidad? Thank You, Navnath Kumbhar.

40. Creating a wizard in Trinidad

41. panelTabbed not working in trinidad

Hi all, I need to make a page containing different information in a single page. So wanted to show these information in Tabbed Pages. am using apache trinidad. When i try to use it show the first tab selected by default and shows the other tab but i cant choose between the tabs. am i doing this properly. can anyone ...

42. Trinidad TreeTable

Hi, I have to create a treetable. I am using Trinidad. I have ideas on how trinidad table work but treetable I am not able to find any examples. I also tried to use the demo from Trinidad but It didnt work for me. Could someone help me by providing some details or example how tr treetable works in trinidad? Any ...

43. trinidad charts

Hi, I am using the trinidad chart component the component is working fine but i am facing a small with its design and look. As an example, when I use its verticalChart, I want to control the width of the bars of the chart plus I want to make the bars away from each other not close to each other. ...

44. Problem with Trinidad Nested Table (depth 3)

Hi all I am trying to create a nested Table of depth 3 but I am getting "java.lang.NumberFormatException"! strange. I am able to create nested Table of depth 2 and it works fine but facing problem when I nest 3 tables. Here is the jsf code with 3 nested tables. Instead of third table inside I had put an ...

46. trinidad breadcrumbs

47. trinidad selectManyListBox Issue

48. Trinidad Tree

52. Scrollbar inside the trinidad table

53. trinidad bad start