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1. JSF 2 annotations not working on weblogic 10.3.3    stackoverflow.com

I have installed JSF 2 support on Weblogic 10.3.3 version using these instructions: When I run a sample application which basically calls a bean action like

and that bean is declared ...

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Need to have a configuration screen for my listener.
Now I want to start and stop the MyListener from web application.
Sample listener in web.xml

JSF framework
Weblogic 9.2 & higher

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Hello All We have JSF2.0 in weblogic10.3.4 migrated from Tomcat 6 . As weblogic comes withJSF2 ,we deployed JSF.war . The issue is if we specify in weblogic.xml to use the jsf ...

4. @PostConstruct annotation on Weblogic 10.3.4 not being called    stackoverflow.com

(This seems a duplicate of Weblogic10.3 ignores @PostConsturt method., but that has little details and is not answered). I have a ManagedBean like this:

public class TestBean {
    private ...

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I have a standard JEE compliant web-app that uses JSF. Since J2EE 5 and further app servers are mandated to provide JSF implementation I’m not including JSF libs in the war. ...

6. How to run a JSF 2.0 application on JavaEE5?    stackoverflow.com

For one reason or another, we need to run our JSF2 application on a JavaEE5 server (weblogic10). Before trying to compile my application with Java5 instead of Java6, does anyone know if ...

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I have a hx:datatable populated with input fields. Those fields are binded to a managed (session) bean's member data. The expected behavior is that when I edit the values in the input fields, the member data in the managed bean would change. However, when I do a submit, and reach the triggered function in the page code, The managed bean still ...

20. ejb injection in weblogic 11g fails    coderanch.com

This was probably a question better asked in the WebLogic forum. Most purely JSF people won't have a clue. JSF works in conjunction with EL. The default EL variable resolver, however, only knows how to resolve a limited set of objects. Primarily the JSF managed beans. So to add objects from outside the JSF universe to the set of objects that ...