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I have a JSF woodstock table with checkboxes. When a row is selected I want to do some processing with those items. I managed to get a selection of RowKey objects ...

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I have a table that is created using an old JSF component library called Woodstock. I want to show a button just in the first row. .jsf file:

<webuijsf:form id="reportlist">

<webuijsf:table id="table4" ...

3. Checkbox and button interaction in JSF    stackoverflow.com

I have a checkbox:

<webuijsf:checkbox immediate="true" valueChangeListenerExpression="#{user$recentreports.selectSingleCBEvent}" id="selectCB" binding="#{user$recentreports.selectCB}" toolTip="#{msg.report_select}"/>
whose valueChangeListenerExpression method is:
List<RowKey> rowsToBeRemoved=new ArrayList();
public void selectSingleCBEvent(ValueChangeEvent event) throws Exception {    
     RowKey rowKey ...

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I had a checkbox generated by JSF which is backed by a Java Bean method. As a result of some other requirement this checkbox's value supposed to change. I did this ...

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I am trying to solve this problem for days but couldn't find a proper solution. People suggested to use Ajax but I couldn't implement it. I have a jspf page in ...

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Hi, We use JSF1.2 + Woodstock with built-in AJAX. When we run the application on IE7 through HTTPS we see the "This page contains secure and nonsecure items" warning on each page. I read on other forums that it's mostly likely related to IE7 + AJAX. It looks like IE7 treats AJAX as nonsecure. Does anybody have a similar problem? Have ...

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Anyone know how to reset the selected node in a Woodstock Tree component? The use case i've got is as follows, there are 2 trees on the screen, there is a relationship between the 2 trees such that the second tree can only be interacted with after the first. Which works fine. But, each time the first tree gets selcted the ...

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