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1. A very very strange error ClassCastException. PreparedStatement's setInt method

Can anybody tell me why is this method not working?

String strQuery = "Insert Into cust_subs (CustomerId,SubscriptionId) Values (?,?)";
PreparedStatement objPreparedStatement = Utils.getPreparedStatement(objConnection, strQuery);
objPreparedStatement.setInt(2, currentSubscriptions.get(0) );
where currentSubscriptions is:
List<Integer> currentSubscriptions;
I get this error even ...

2. ClassCastException when passing data to EJB module

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3. java.lang.ClassCastException: $Proxy96 cannot be cast to

I am entering some code into a Hudson Server run on a Ubuntu box in order to run some Code Metrics(Sonar) and Cobertura on the code. The project runs off of ...

4. ClassCastException when casting value

5. ClassCastException

Hi, I have two list boxes .The first list box is filled with values and the second one is empty. I need to display the selected values from first list to second. I managed to display two list boxes, but I couldn't successful displaying the values selected from the first to second. Here is the code : jsp: