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I'am using JasperReport/ireport4 and JSF/primefaces, I tried to generate a report on the browser using servlet but an error occured. JSF: JAVA Code:

public void fillReport() throws ParseException, groovyjarjarcommonscli.ParseException, IOException {

    try ...

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Hi I have been studying the NB tutorial about Applets at, http://netbeans.org/kb/docs/web/applets.html#embed But this is not my case. What I have is a package chat with the Japplet Chat.java. I call the JApplet to be displayed in a JSP file chatTR.jsp as follows, <%@page ([email]%@page[/email]) contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> ...

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That isn't exactly the way I understand the message subsystem to work. Unless you know something I don't, you'd normally code more like this: First of all, the "id" attribute MUST be unique within its container and I'm not sure how you even get the ...

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When i searched the forum for this problem i found a few posts but none seemed to fit exactly what is happening with my app. I have paired my application down to one field on the page and a few java statements to remove the clutter. I am using jdk 1.5/Seam/Hibernate set up. I am have some java experience but very ...

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