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2. Error when I try to recuperate items from selectManyListbox

I'am using JSF2.0/Primefaces,I have used selectManyListbox that contain elements(projects names),I should recuperate those elements and generate according to the choice another selectManyListbox contain other elments. First I have tried to fill my ...

3. selectManyListbox - IllegalArgumentException

private List tempList; private SelectItem[] tempItems; public List getTemplist() { return tempList; } public List getTempList() { return tempList; } public void setTempList(List tempList) { this.tempList = tempList; } public void setTempItems(SelectItem[] tempItems) { this.tempItems = tempItems; } public void doStuff(){ tempList = new ArrayList(); for(int i = 0; i < someStringArray.length; i++){ tempList.add(new SelectItem(someStringArray[i])); } }