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1. t:inputFileUpload in JSF throws NullPointerException on myBean.submit()

Since yesterday I struggle with uploading a file in my jsf web application. The tutorials (one from balusC, the other one from some offical java-tutorial page) I found were very good, ...

2. How to properly react on exception during view rendering when response is already partly submitted?

When response is already partly submitted it is not possible to change headers to indicate that there has been some fatal error nor it is possible to show well formatted error ...

3. Error after submitting data using in JSF?


<h:selectManyMenu style="height:70px" value="#{bookBean.selectedBook}">
 <f:selectItems value="#{bookBean.books}"/>

<h:commandButton action="#{bookBean.doClick}" value="Submit" />
List<SelectItem> books = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();

public List<SelectItem> getBooks() {
 return books;
So, the problem is after I choose multiple items in the ManyMenu list and click ...

4. h:messages prints error message twice on first submit

Hi, I am new to JSF and I have been trying to solve this since a week now. I am using to display on the top of the page, all the errors on the page. Issue is when I submit the form for the FIRST TIME, a single error message gets displayed twice. But when I submit the form again, ...