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1. JSF - Two Questions about actions on UIComponent

So, let me show us my troubles :) 1 - When i click on a commandbutton

<h:commandButton value="Somethings">
    <f:setPropertyActionListener target="#{bean.method}" value="some" />
    <f:ajax render="rendering"/>
I dont do any ...

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Hi, I am using facelets and JSF. I would like to know how to catch the value in UI (I mean in UI Facelets tag) and reference that variable from JSF code. Here is my problem, I am having a getter method which executes a database query and return the collection of results. I referred this getter method (getValue) in my ...

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Thanks, Cesar. It's devilishly hard to piece together some of this stuff from scratch. I find I learn more than if I simply abandon myself to somebody's framework (initially) like Seam. Alas, I finally resorted to using the Tomahawk examples as I could never find a combination of JARs that didn't crash and did work.