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1. How do you call List.size() from a JSF 2.0 Facelets Template?    stackoverflow.com

What is the syntax for calling list.size() in a JSF 2.0 Facelets template (eg, using an h:outputText element)?

2. JSF - template and ajax call - best practices    stackoverflow.com

I'll try to explain my dubt in very few line of codes : template.xhtml - here i load a page named as a get parameter (ex. index.xhtml?page=homepage => i load homepage.xhtml)

<h:panelGroup layout="block" ...

3. JSF 2.0 Facelets nested templates inheritance    stackoverflow.com

Is it posible to define templates that inherit from other templates in facelets? Something like this


/users/UsersTemplate.xhtml template="/GlobalTemplate.xhtml"

/users/viewUser.xhtml template="/users/UsersTemplate.xhtml"
Then viewUsers.xhtml will be called by browser

4. JSF 2.0 Facelets template inheritance    stackoverflow.com

This is an extended repost of JSF 2.0 Facelets nested templates inheritance, which was loosely asked and formally answered. Here is my easy_to_earn question: template_base.xhml

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"

5.  target problem when using templates    stackoverflow.com

I have a question about integrating jquery library with JSF 2.0 when using <h:outputScript library="/common/js" name="jquery-1.5.1.min.js" target="head" /> , i should include <h:head> tag also in my xhtml file. so ...

6. understand the purpose of jsf ui:composition    stackoverflow.com

What is the usefulness of the following? <ui:composition template="template.xhtml"> "In a template client page using <ui:composition>, anything outside of the bounds of a tag is ignored and is not included in the ...

7. JSF2: how achieve site-wide viewParam handling policy using a template    stackoverflow.com

The following seems to be ignore inside XHTML facelet templates:

    <f:viewParam name="id" value="#{backingBean.id}" />
(At least with Mojarra as per Glassfish2.2) Java Server Faces 2.0 Complete Reference says p.540:

8. Facelets template path jsf 1.2    stackoverflow.com

This is my WebContent.

And ...

9. JSF facelets template    forums.netbeans.org

Sorta a JSF question. What are the JSF templates netbeans creates and how do you take advantage of them? I'm starting out with JSF and, of course, can't find mention of ...

10. [ANNOUNCE] Inside Facelets - Part 3: Templating and Re-Use    coderanch.com

Hello, I'm pleased announce the third installment in the series on Facelets: Inside Facelets - Part 3: Templating and Re-Use. Facelets is an alternative to JSP for defining views in JSF, and allows for Tapestry-style views as well as templating. Here's an excerpt: "For any view technology to succeed, it must have some aspect of templating and re-use that's both easy ...

11. JSF template or Facelets    coderanch.com

I don't know about JSFTemplate. I do know that Facelets is a LOT more civilized than Tiles, however. There are two other reasons why I like Facelets: 1. You get better error diagnostics on page problems than you do from straight JSF. 2. You can implement custom Facelets tags in a simpler way than you can do JSF tags (since the ...

13. Facelets template/composition without name atribute    coderanch.com

I've read that: "A template client (composition in my case) can refrain from using tags in their body. So in this case, it will be injected in any template without name". So, i have the template: Insert title here ...

14. Facelets for Templating    coderanch.com

Hey Everybody, I have created a simple application that utilizes JSP plugins. I have noticed as i work through the various pages that i have a common template or repeat in code for the header/footer/sidebar and the middle area is dynamic and changes from page to page. I looked around for a good way of "templating" the sections that are repeated ...