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1. How to display my application's errors in JSF?

In my JSF/Facelets app, here's a simplified version of part of my form:

<h:form id="myform">
  <h:inputSecret value="#{createNewPassword.newPassword1}" id="newPassword1" />
  <h:message class="error" for="newPassword1" />
  <h:inputSecret value="#{createNewPassword.newPassword2}" id="newPassword2" />
  <h:message ...

2. Error hint after submit when using input fields in a popup

we've been looking for a working implementation in JSF 1.2 & Facelets where it is possible to get an error hint (e.g. invalid date) after submitting a form which is partly ...

3. h:message elements with for attribute do not present messages in JSF 2

I have the following authentication form in JSF running on Glassfish 3:

<h:messages globalOnly="true" errorClass="erro" />
<h:form id="form-login">
    <h:outputText value="User" />
    <h:message for="login-user" />

4. Facelets Error

5. Facelets Error