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1. Is it possible to change the element id separator in JSF?

For example, the following snippet:

<h:form id="levelone">
    <h:inputText id="leveltwo" value="Test" />
generates the following markup:
<form id="levelone" name="levelone" method="post" action="/test/testPage.html" 
   <input id="levelone:leveltwo" ...

2. Is it possible to use JSF+Facelets with HTML 4/5?

Facelets relies on XML namespaces to work with XHTML. How are HTML 4, and as far as I know, HTML 5 do not support namespaces. Also HTML 5 has some new ...

3. JSF/Facelets: why is it not a good idea to mix JSF/Facelets with HTML tags?

I've read this several times now: some developers aren't advocates of interleaving JSF/Facelets tags with HTML tags in their XHTML files. Obviously the HTML tags won't be part of the UI ...

4. jsf 2.0 renders table element

Is there a way to tell JSF 2.0 that it should NOT render a table element when using h:selectOneRadio? I don't use tables and it makes absolutely no sense in this case. Any ...

5. Not able to add HTML to

I have recently started working with JSF2.0 and Facelets, but have run into what I hope is an easy answer for most of you out there. When I am trying ...

6. use html5 in facelets/jsf2