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1. Facelets: how to pass a ui:insert value as an html attribute?

I'm trying to accomplish a small tweak in a Facelets/JSF environment. I know next to nothing how all of it fits together. I have a value defined on various pages as "title"

<ui:define ...

2. How to insert
tags into a java String

I am trying to insert line break tags
into some text and displaying it on a web page. The < and > signs are being translated into &lt; ...

3. JSF - Load/insert a different div after an ajax call

I think the topic explain what Im looking for : template.xhtml

<div class="content">
    <ui:insert name="content_homepage">Box Content Here</ui:insert>
<ui:composition template="./template.xhtml">
    <ui:define name="title">

4. Facelet : cannot be put inside attribute value problem

Im currently experimenting with facelets in JSF 2.0. I currently have a case where a common grid definition is used by 2 facelets, differs only in some areas like the bean name, the ...

5. Acessing the name attribute of a

I have a JSF template with the a title and a subtitle :

<h3><ui:insert name="title"/></h3>
<h5><ui:insert name="subtitle"/></h5>
All the pages using this template have title, but not always a subtitle :
<ui:define name="title">My Title with ...

6. Comments with jsf ui:insert

I want to put this comment into the :

  <!--[if lt IE 8]>
    <script src=""> 
  <ui:insert name="faceletHeader"/>
but comment ...