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1. How to resolve this facelets warning message

What does this error message mean? What values should be provided to get rid of this warning?

15:10:58,024 WARNING [component] facelets.RECREATE_VALUE_EXPRESSION_ON_BUIL
D_BEFORE_RESTORE is set to 'true' but facelets.BUILD_BEFORE_RESTORE is set
to 'false' or unset. ...

2. Dynamic call to message bundles?

I have a very simple JSF 2.0 project. I have an index.xhtml file to show me a picture of Mount Rushmore. On this page, I can click on the picture and I want ...

3. JSF 2.0 custom messages

I'm using JSF 2.0. I'm using the

tag to render error messages. I can use css to style my messages a little bit but I've create a composite component to render ...

4. Set message in constructor or @PostConstruct method - possible?

is it possible to set a message in constructor or @PostConstruct method of a Managed-Bean? For example:

public class Example {

    @ManagedProperty(value = "#{index.facade}")
    private PersistenceFacade pf;


5. jsf h:messages/ h:message for specific clientId

I would like to display different FacesMessages with programmatically set clientIds. In my view I used

<h:outputText value="warnMessages #{facesContext.getMessageList('warnMessages')}" />
<h:outputText value="validationMessages #{facesContext.getMessageList('validationMessages')}" />
for debugging. The messages are all there. But...
<h:messages for="warnMessages"  ...