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1. JSF/Facelets: set `action` attribute to a dynamically evaluated string

In my JSF/Facelets application, I want to dynamically generate a breadcrumb trail from a list of page IDs using a custom tag:

<foo:breadcrumbs trail="foo,bar,baz"/>
This should generate something like:
<h:commandLink action="foo" ... />
<h:commandLink action="bar" ...

2. Navigation in JavaServer Faces, redirecting with correct parameters

I have a page: This page takes the following for granted:

  • ID is set by GET or ID is set by POST.
Now, I can manually call items.jsf?ID=10 But what I really ...

3. How to ajax-refresh the main content part by navigation menu?

Hi there Im just learning JSF 2 thanks to this site I had learned a lot in such a short time. My question is regarding how to impliment a common layout ...

4. Navigation with Facelets template not working

I'm having some trouble with navigation when using Facelets. I have my master template in /WEB-INF:

    <div id="container">
        <div id="header">

5. Getting when accessing a subdirectory using implicit navigation

I am trying to navigate to an administration page which has a sub directory under the webcontent folder and receiving an Using Glassfish 3.1.1. My

    war ...