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1. JSF - Browse and print values from ArrayList using EL

I have an ArrayList from a Bean :

public ArrayList<String[]> getArticleList() {
I need to print these values (with getter method) by using EL on JSF2 (such as #{bean.articlesLage} How ...

2. NumberFormatException for input String

I have the following method in a JSF backing bean:

public List<Rent> getTopMemebers(){
    return rentDAO.findByMonthAndYear(MonthReport, YearReport);
I am displaying this in a datatable:
<p:dataTable value="#{rentController.topMemebers}" var="item">

3. NumberFormatException when trying to concatenate a String in EL

This is what I'm trying to generate:

<div class="marker" style="background:transparent url('/myApp/faces/javax.faces.resource/1.png?ln=images/map') no-repeat center top;"></div>
<div class="marker" style="background:transparent url('/myApp/faces/javax.faces.resource/2.png?ln=images/map') no-repeat center top;"></div>
<div class="marker" style="background:transparent url('/myApp/faces/javax.faces.resource/3.png?ln=images/map') no-repeat center top;"></div>

Here's my code:
<ui:repeat value="#{myBean.items}" var="item" varStatus="status">

4. JSF set string into IMG tag (src="")

I am trying to figured out this situation. I would like to put an image name into html tag but i don't know how to fill it. I am using Java ...

5. Obtain length of string in EL

Can we find the length of a String in Facelets page to check for a condition using <ui:fragment>?