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1. How to bind a servlet to a context?

I got

javax.servlet.ServletException: Error instantiating servlet class servlets.MemoServlet
javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name servlets.MemoServlet is not bound in this Context
when using
<form action="MemoServlet">
I know I could use managedbeans, but I've to use servlets. I suspect the problem has ...

2. JSF Complex form - Binding Error

I have a form with some inputs which has a ViewScoped *ManagedBean* behind. At the bottom of the form I have a CommandButton for saving the data. There is a datatable ...

3. How can I bind JSF forms directly to JAXB objects

Dear JSF Developers and Experts, As part of my project I have to populate JAXB objects using JSF forms. When I include my JAXB interfaces in my faces-config.xml as my managed beans, I see a "java.lang.InstantiationException", because JAXB requires the Object factory class to create the jaxb objects before they can be used. My question is, how could I bind my ...

4. Best Practice for binding form values

Newbie question! I have a simple jsf page that currently binds the form items to a session managed bean. On submit of the page, the session bean is then persisted to the database. I have a concern if the page is used to edit existing data in the session bean, and the user decides to cancel the update, how do I ...