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1. JSF form does not get submitted when form is disabled by JavaScript    stackoverflow.com

This is the submit button:

    action="#{regBean.navigate}" value="Search" />
This is the form:
<h:form onsubmit="this.disabled=true;busyProcess();return true;">
If the submit button is pressed, the page shows a ...

2. disable radio buttons in a form using Java/ JSF    stackoverflow.com

I have 5 radio buttons in my form, selecting one and proceeding takes me to a form that the user need to fill up. Now out of these 5, I have ...

3. How to disable a submit button until other button has been pressed?    stackoverflow.com

I have a simple JSF form:

   <h:inputText value="#{textBean.firstName}"/>
   <h:inputText value="#{textBean.lastName}"/>
   <h:commandButton value="confirm" action="textBean.confirm"/>
   <h:commandButton value="submit" action="textBean.submit"/>
It is necessary that before you click "submit" ...