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In my application i need to add a row on a click of a button and this button will be in all the rows. Need help to do this? Item ...

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I'm working on a JSF 2.0 project using Mojarra, PrimeFaces and Tomcat 6.x I created a dynamic form only with selectManyCheckbox. I have the following code :

<ui:repeat value="#{wagent.prArticles}" var="theme">
    <h:selectManyCheckbox ...

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Suppose this next situation: making a view where the form controls are rendered with DHTML (that is, each time the user press a button, a new row with fields is created ...

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I have a page (ie, page1) that dynamically updates a DIV on itself (ajax). The HTML returned from the server (page2) is the result of a JSF form containing a bunch of commandLinks. Clicking on the command link, however, does not result in page navigation to page3. Instead, I'm redirected to page2 (where the form was submitted to), entering the initial ...

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Hi, I am stuck. If I click a link in alle.jsp, the page doesnt spring to the page defined in config file (posten.jsp). It seems that the problem occured by dynamic generated form. Hereby the code-snippets from the jsp and faces-config. code-snippet from my .jsp: Alle Rechnungen

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Hi there, I have a Backing Bean for my Edit User page. The Edit User page allows an admin to edit the user details. Now, I want to create a View User page which is exactly similar to the Edit User page except that it doesnt allow you to edit the details (read only) I dont want to make two seperate ...

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Hi all, This question has probably been asked a thousand times, but I can't find the answer. I am an experienced Struts developer, but now I want to create an application using jsf. It will be some kind of quiz with multiple choice questions. The problem is that the number of questions is not fixed, so for 1 quiz there can ...

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