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1. Why form submission doesn't work?

I have next form:

    <h:selectManyListbox value="#{reports.selectedCategories}"

2. JSF2: Submit AJAX form

I have a page that has a table list through AJAX pagination, all custom. Pagination is working properly, but the Enter key clears the form input's values instead of submitting. My ...

3. Use GET request for form submission in JSF 2.0

Is there a way to submit a form and have the URL include the parameters, that is submit as a GET request.. rather than POST? form.jsf/?firstName=John&lastName=Doe I thought would work (instead of ...

4. Getters inside f:verbatim called before form submission

I have the following page:

<h:form id="gameSelectionForm">
    <h:selectOneMenu id="gameSelection">
        <f:selectItems value="#{gameBean.gameIds}" />
    <h:commandButton id="gameSelector" value="Play" ...

5. JSF: How to submit the form when the enter key is pressed?

It would appear to be a simple requirement, but I haven't found a simple solution yet: In a JSF 1.2 / Richfaces 3.3 webapp, I have a form with input components of ...

6. Form that submits using get

Is there any more elegant and JSF-Oriented way to create a form that submits using GET rather than using the following two methods:

  1. Using normal <form> and <input type="submit" /> tags
  2. Firing up ...

7. JSF 2 Submitting a form

I have this Facelet codes:

<h:inputText id="searchtext" value="#{SearchBean.input}" />
<h:commandButton value="#{msg.BUTTON_SEARCH_LABEL}" title="#{msg.BUTTON_SEARCH_LABEL}"
  action="#{SearchBean.Submit}" />
SearchBean has the following:
@ManagedBean(name = "SearchBean")
public class SearchBean implements Serializable
    private String input = null;

8. JSF 2 and JavaScript - submitting a lot of items without that many setters

I have a form with around 90 items. Is there a way to collect the generated values without having that many setters on the server side? can't I parse a ...

9. Issue with form submission in pop up - JSF

I am new to the JSF. I need help for the following scenario: I have a form with validations in JSF that needs to be open in popup. When I ...

10. Form is not submitted

I wrote a simple JSF form. The problem is that there is a bug that I can't find. When I open the main page and enter the username and password the ...

14. automatic form submission

Hi, I was going to go for the 'invisible button' option. The page with the form on is only transitory, the user only sees the page fleetingly unless the network is on a go slow. It just says 'Loading...' and then posts the request on automatically. I want it to be transparent, the user shouldn't have to do anything. The page ...

15. cannot get javascript to prevent duplicated form submit

Hi, I would like to ask for help with a piece of javascript code intended to prevent double form submit which I cannot get to work with JSF. First, I tried simply returning false from a javascript function when a user clicks twice. I have a variable requestSubmitted on every page, initially set to true, and a function which is called ...

17. JavaScript form submit fails in IE7, works in FF and Safari

I also encountered this problem in IE7. I tried typing in a textfield and then pressed the ENTER button (which does not nothing in IE). I tested the same procedure with Firefox and the request got submitted. I'm using MyFaces 1.1.5. I haven't really investigated the problem as it does not bother me that much as of the moment. (I can ...

18. Unable to submit form in single click

20. Don't want to submit form on Enter

23. Submitting a form from a javascript method gives javax.faces.el.EvaluationException

Hi All I need to validate a form through JavaScript method and then the form should be submitted. I've tried to do this other similar ways, but I encounter a javascript error. So finally I'm convinced with the JavaScript methods which validates and does a call to the script in the other server. But the problem is when I'm submitting the ...

28. Getting the submitted form name

Well, in my experience, questions like that usually indicate you're trying to solve some other problem. And it's just possible that brute-force access to the underlying HTML form name might not be the most graceful solution to that outer problem when you're using JSF. So it would be good if you could tell us more about what you want to accomplish ...

29. submit form only by pressing enter

31. to submit form from javascript in JSF