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1. Inject a EJB into a JSF converter with JEE6

I have a stateless EJB that acceses my database. I need this bean in a JSF 2 converter to retreive an entity object from the String value parameter. I'm using JEE6 ...

2. does this JSF pattern break dependency injection?

I have a JSF2 project (Mojarra on GlassFish 3.1). I have a ViewScoped bean that references services through a utility class like so:

public static class ServicesUtil {

3. Using @Inject with generic type

I've been search here about, but I dont found a answer. In my application, I've a abstract main class for my controllers, with some methods and properties. And I want to inject ...

4. JSF2 and @Inject

5. Re: Fwd: JSF2 and @Inject