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1. JSF 2.0: cookies are not persisted immediately after AJAX call, HTTP request required

Ajax call performed in order to remove item from shopping cart - removeOrder() method is called UI removeOrder() call(JSF&Primefaces):

<p:commandButton value="clean" actionListener="#{showProducts.removeOrder}"
   process="@form" update="@form,:ccId:cCart:ccSizeId,:ccId:cCart:ccTotId" immediate="true">
<f:attribute name="remove" value="#{}"/>
Backend removeOrder() call(managed bean)
public void ...

2. Cookies for "Remember me" in JSF

I have a login page, and I want to add the "Remember me" feature; so that if user logs out and opens the page again, his username and password are loaded. For ...

3. Cookie not being read

I implemented "Remember me" functionality in my web app. I did this using a cookie that contains username/password encrypted using RSA. I add the cookie when I login; if then I logout ...

4. jsf auto-login according to cookie

I'm having a problem in achieving an auto-login feature for my JSF application which is being proted from a JSP & servlet-based architecture. I used LoginBean backing the jsf page with a ...

5. JSF Storing data into a cookie

I've never programmed with cookies before but I want to store some user data into a cookie so its always there when they load the web app even if the session ...

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8. JSF Navigation and cookies support

Hi , I have an issue in JSF. A web application using RAD(Rational Application developer) is being developed by me. Application server used is WAS. The Jsf implementation is jsf-ibm.jar The issue is : I am having a JSF Page with a command button which sets a requestscope variable and navigates to the second page. I am using the JSF Navigation ...

9. Fetching details from cookies

hi, I am creating cookies at login page and setting login id and password in cookies during login. But i am unable to retrieve the login id and password when the page is again loaded. Could anyone please help me regarding that how to get details from cookies when the login page is loaded again. thanks vin

10. persisting cookies

Hi, I have to create cookies at login page, when the user checks the check box- remember me. I am able to set the cookies in the browser, but its not fetching it when i close the window and tries to open it again. It's showing - "no cookies available". But the browser shows me previously that the cookies are set. ...

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12. Cookie maxAge problem

I have a simple Seam applikacion created in Eclipse.I'm trying to track down user's session using cookies.You can see in pages.xml what methods from manage bean are invoked on each page.After I enter username on the login page,appropriate cookie is created and the login_success page is displayed.There is also a check box which determines max age of the username cookie(if checked ...

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