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Hi i have a jsf application in which i have three frames,one for the header,one for side navigation and the other is the mainframe.I have built this in the spring framework. I ...

2. inserting a faces (JSF) EL element on an iframe    stackoverflow.com

I have an iframe like this

<iframe  src="path/of/destiny"></iframe>
and I want to write something like this
<iframe  src="path/of/destiny?#{myParameter}"></iframe>

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I need to display external web contents on a panel in my dashboard application.i can do it as
Is ...

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In Jsf I have the following command link :

<h:commandLink value="" 
    style="text-decoration: none;">
        <img src="../images/addButton.gif" border="0" ...

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From Geek Daily :

The onload event does not fire until every last piece of the page is loaded.
Now I have a inframe in my jsf application and ...

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I have a a4j:commandButton in a iframe and a a4j:outputPanel where both of the iframe and the panel resides in a same page. Is it possible to reRender that panel on ...

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I already coded one but it opens a new tab, what I want is to display the pdf inside the Iframe (the same page where the user inputted the data) when ...

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Regarding my recent postings on the JSF file upload thread, what I've done now is to incorporate a modified version of that in my main application. But in order to make as few changes as possible to earlier code, I'm using an iframe to display the file upload page in an existing page of my application. What I need to do ...

10. a4j:how to rerender a componet from another iframe?    coderanch.com

hi there, I wonder how to rerender a component, such as tomahawk tree2 with id 'menuTree', which located in one iframe, from the component such as a4j:commandButton located in another iframe. My problem focuses on how to fill the value of the attribute 'reRender' of the 'a4j:commandButton'. Any Suggestion? thanks in advance. Yours ZhuNing

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