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1. What is the standard way to handle url-mapping for JavaServer Faces?    stackoverflow.com

All the tutorials I have seen seem to use *.jsf, *.faces, or /<directory_name>/* for the url-pattern in the Java Server faces servlet mapping. Is there some official sun-recommended naming convention or ...

2. Where should generating image URLs be handled in JSF?    stackoverflow.com

For a uni assignment, I'm doing a JSF webapp to play poker. Cards in a player's hand are displayed by images. What's would be the "cleanest" way of mapping the card ...

3. JSF Navigation Rules with Relative Paths    stackoverflow.com

Say I am on a page at

and want to define a navigation rule to go to
how would I define the <to-view-id> of the navigation rule. I thought it would ...

4. URL getRequestParameterMap not working    stackoverflow.com

I'm using IceFaces 1.8.2 and trying to get a parameter from the URL using:

((HttpServletRequest) FacesContext.getCurrentInstance()
This works fine on the inital request. However, when I do a ...

5. Is there any standard JSF converter from inputText to URL?    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to convert inputText to java.net.URL in JSF page:

  <h:inputText value="${myBean.url}" />
  <h:commandButton type="submit" value="go" />
My backed bean is:
import java.net.URL;
@ManagedBean public class MyBean {
  public URL url;
Should ...

6. j_security_check url problem    stackoverflow.com

hope you can help me with this: I'm working with j_security_check and have this problem I have a profile page that must be restricted to any unloged user, so i add a ...

7. How to URL encode JSF outputLink value    stackoverflow.com

I've got some code that looks similar to this:

<h:outputLink value="#{bean.url}" />
But the output contains an apostrophe in the link href which is not URL encoded. Am I doing something wrong or is ...

8. JSF 2.0: How to get the URL that is entered in the browser's address bar    stackoverflow.com

My JSF application redirects any user who is not logged in to the login page. When the user logs in, I want the application to redirect to the page the user ...

9. Apply bookmarkable URL to h:commandLink    stackoverflow.com

As I read in docs and tried myself, JSF 2.0 applied bookmarkable urls to h:link and h:button elements. Is it possible to make bookmarkable URL for h:commandLink element? I experience that f:param ...

10. URL fragment in links and ajax redirects in JSF    stackoverflow.com

I found out that methods called by ajax actions in JSF 2.0 can return navigation case and then the page can be redirected. Eg. when I am on page index.xhtml and my ...

11. Bookmarking URL in the JSF 1.x version    stackoverflow.com

HI, I came to know that from JSF 2.0 the URL can be changed in the address bar. It is more helpful to bookmark the URL. Is there any way to do ...

12. Generate activation urls in Java EE 6    stackoverflow.com

I'm developing a web application using Java EE 6 Web Profile. I want to e-mail a new user an activation link for his account. How should I implement this? I'm using ...

13. Java Webservice URL in JSF    stackoverflow.com

I created a JSF application which also offers some Webservices. The webservices are created via annotations. Now I want to create a webserviceInfo.xhtml Page , where I get all the needed webservice ...

14. How to get an absolute URL of webapp from ExternalContext?    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to retrieve the root URL of a web application from ExternalContext, but can't understand which method to use...

15. How to reproduce specific Friendly URL?    stackoverflow.com

we are trying to refactor an JSP/XSLT application to JSF. We use a CMS for content management. Technologies : JSF 2.0 using Mojarra, PrimeFaces 2.2.1 and Tomcat 6.29 The organisation of the ...

16. JSF how add a control on the first url    stackoverflow.com

I have to implement a new feature in my existing JSF application. As it is now, there is a feature for searching a objects. The normal flow is: fill in some form ...

17. JSF: Redirect to url as POST not as GET    stackoverflow.com

I have an JSF page that redirects via context.getExternalContext().redirect(url); where the url is sth. like login.jsf?token=foobar What I want now is to send the token via POST not via GET request. So ...

18. JSF login forward address bar / url -- redirect does not solve problem    stackoverflow.com

Okay we have a single - sign - on and the user will likely enter www.blabla.com/AppName/ to reach our site. We then define a welcome site, use a phaselistener to check: ...

19. How do I configure JSF url mappings without file extensions?    stackoverflow.com

Most tutorials propose a default JSF configuration similar to the following web.xml:


    <servlet-name>Faces Servlet</servlet-name>

20. Updating the url bar from the webapp to represent the current state    stackoverflow.com

I would like to basically do what Jason asked for here In one sentence, I would like the url bar to represent the state of the AJAX application so that I ...

21. How can I use h:graphicImage to show a URL in a tab    stackoverflow.com

I am writing a small application where I take a search string and show the results in the tabs with different search servers like Google,Yahoo,Bing etc., on the onkeyup event of ...

22. How to remember original url to redirect to in case of JSF webapplication    stackoverflow.com

I have a JSF web application I need to provide functionality as mentioned below:

  1. In order to comment on something user must be logged in
  2. If he is not logged in then 'Click ...

23. Serving files with JSF 2 / CDI, using bookmarkable URLs    stackoverflow.com

My main question is : Is there a "good practice" to serve binary files (PDF, docs, etc) using JSF 2 with CDI, and using bookmarkable URLs ? I've read the

24. jsf url-mapping security risk    stackoverflow.com

When you use JSF, you'll have the controller servlet javax.faces.webapp.FacesServlet that will be mapped to the following:

Putting a mypage.xhtml in /, we have a ...

25. remove application name from URL    stackoverflow.com

my site uses JSF and the url appears to be, http://mysitename.com/wompower6/faces/home.xhtml I am using prettyfaces, so if I use the following in pretty-config.xml, i can change the name to

26. How get the base URL?    stackoverflow.com

I have this structure:



27. JSF2.0 URL problems - Images from within JavaScript resources    stackoverflow.com

I am new to JSF and I've looked for 2 days to solve this problem. I have a Tomcat server with the following folder structure:


28. How to get previous URL?    stackoverflow.com

I need the URL from which my web app is called. For eg:- If there is a link to my site foo.com from stackoverflow.com, I need the stackoverflow link in web ...

29. Pretty Faces: Generic URL mapping    stackoverflow.com

Using Pretty Faces 3, I have some mappings like these:

<url-mapping id="search"> 
    <pattern value="/search" /> 
    <view-id value="/views/search.xhtml" />

<url-mapping id="edit"> 

30. JSF 2.0 - Decode URL using EL    stackoverflow.com

I have a need to decode a navigation outcome without using an <h:link/> tag. Is there any way I can do this within a JSF 2.0 page using EL?

31. Change /javax.faces.resource prefix of resource URLs    stackoverflow.com

When I use

<h:outputStylesheet library="css" name="styles.css"> 
<h:graphicImage library="images" name="image.jpg">
then in html I get something like this
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/appName/javax.faces.resource/styles.css.xhtml?ln=css" />
so the user can see which framework was used to ...

32. use a URL object to read a resource in web content    stackoverflow.com

Im working in a web application using JSF2 and in one of my forms I create a PDF file that contains a image and a specific font. The ressorces are located ...

33. JSF AJax - How to render the output from an URL    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to render the output of an URL in the same page, using JSF / Ajax (a4j) and so far I am having no luck. BTW, I am using ...

34. Hiding param value in URL - JSF Application    stackoverflow.com

<h:outputLink value="#{beanname.path}">
    <h:outputText value="Output label"></h:outputText>
    <f:param name name="name" value="tommy"/>
</h:outputLink> my URL appears with the param value. I want to hide it in the URL ...

35. Is there something like for JSF?    stackoverflow.com

Is there a taglib in JSF for inserting the proper application context root in any URL I want, just like the <c:url> tag in JSP does?

36. Tuckey UrlRewrite and Annotations    stackoverflow.com

i want to use Tuckey UrlRewrite with JSF and i was wondering if URLRewtie have any problems or disadvantages with JSF and if i can use annotations like the prettyfaces one:

@URLMapping(id = "users", ...

37. Looking for image in HDD rather in context    stackoverflow.com

I have multimodule project


    |   |-logo.PNG

38. Cannot make URL mapping using Pretty Faces 3.3.2, JSF 2.0, JBoss 6.1.0 final    stackoverflow.com

I'm experiencing problem with Pretty Faces URL mappings. I have one managed bean with the following mappings:

@URLMapping(id = "search", pattern = "/search/", viewId = "/search/search.xhtml")
And it works fine when I go to ...

39. Do I need to make a custom regex pattern for this in PrettyFaces    stackoverflow.com

Do I need to make a custom regex pattern to match URLs when I have the following mapping (example):

<url-mapping id="approvedQuestions">
where the ...

40. How protect URL web resources through declarative security in a JSF application?    forums.netbeans.org

I'm trying to implement web resource security in a JSF application but the behavior is strange. It seems like it's protecting not the resource that should be protected but the next ...

41. Re: How protect URL web resources through declarative security in a JSF application?    forums.netbeans.org

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:44 am Post subject: Re: How protect URL web resources through declarative security in a JSF application? I'm not sure, but try this: ...

42. Re: How protect URL web resources through declarative security in a JSF application?    forums.netbeans.org

techy_bolek Posted via mailing list. Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 9:19 pm Post subject: Re: How protect URL web resources through declarative security in a JSF application? Tried ...

43. URLs in JSF(2.0) applications    forums.netbeans.org

Hi, I've just implemented the "Getting Started with Java EE 6 Applications" Tutorial (see http://netbeans.org/kb/docs/javaee/javaee-gettingstarted.html) which is using JSF 2.0. What I don't get is how the URLs are managed in ...

44. URL remapping for FacesServlet    coderanch.com

45. Rewrite URLs    coderanch.com

46. server not mapping JSF url-pattern    coderanch.com

47. Where does the action URL come from?    coderanch.com

I tried asking this in Sun's forum, but I wasn't clear or wasn't lucky and still haven't found the answer. I hoped maybe I'd find someone here who's run into the same thing. I want to write a custom component and use method binding to set an action for it. But I don't want the method to run when the component's ...

48. Faces URL pattern    coderanch.com

First, let's start with exactly what you are trying to do and with what tools. So from the looks of things I would guess that you are using container managed security. What container? (Tomcat, Resin, etc)? And next, just explain to me what the process is you are looking to achieve. To be honest, I don't use container managed security and ...

51. Navigation Problem - URL not updated    coderanch.com

52. Invoke action method with URL    coderanch.com

53. How to do URL rewrite in JSF    coderanch.com

54. wierd JSF problem - URL changing    coderanch.com

I've been working on a simple two-page JSF app. The first page is a login that is required before you get to the search page. It is JSF running on Tomcat 5.5.20. I had it working. Then I had a problem with SVN and Eclipse. Lost some code but got it back. EXCEPT... After the user authenticates, it goes the second ...

55. how to navigate to external url    coderanch.com

57. URL pattern problem    coderanch.com

60. Making URLs relevant with JSF    coderanch.com

Howzit Chris, This post got me. I couldn't believe that it's not possible, and to my horror found out that if it is in fact possible, it most definately not intuitive, or obvious. So I also started searching, and found one of Balus C's topics that seems to cover it. I am still reading through it, but so far, judging by ...

61. JSF and REST urls    coderanch.com

62. External URL passing current url    coderanch.com

63. How to retrieve URL hash(#) values    coderanch.com

64. URL filter    coderanch.com

65. URL filter in visual jsf    coderanch.com

66. url filter problem    coderanch.com

67. Blocking Direct URL access in web application    coderanch.com

How to restrict the direct url access in the unauthorized user's session? It's working fine with the new browser without login into the application. But when the low level user logins into the application, he can able to access the unauthorized screens by providing the direct link in the browser. Can anybody help me to solve this issue?

68. JSF Concepts - MVC,Unit Testing,Access URL    coderanch.com

1. There can be no 100% complete implementation of MVC in any web framework. MVC requires the ability for the Controller to make unsolicited updates to the View, and the HTTP protocol doesn't permit a server to send unsolicited data. However, JSF is about as close as you can get to MVC for the web. 2. A well-designed backing bean has ...

70. How can I make a friendly URL like www.example.com/username ?    coderanch.com

Hi all, I am new to JSF and this is my first JSF project. I have written some friendly URL like "www.eample.com/customer/name" for this project, which is working great. But the URL like "www.example.com/username" just makes me headache. For the "www.eample.com/customer/name" URL, what I need to do is writting a CustomerRedirectFilter class and add customer-redirect-filter org.my.richfaces.CustomerRedirectFilter customer-redirect-filter /customer/* ...

71. Masking url    coderanch.com

For some reason I can't find application.xml in my project. I think I need to make it manually. Are you sure that I need to add that to application.xml? I thought it should be somewhere on the application server level. I'm using NetBeans to make my application, so is it possible application.xml file is missing because NetBeans did not add it? ...

72. Command line url params and JSF    coderanch.com

73. problem in displaying correct url    coderanch.com

74. url not showing proper    coderanch.com

75. How to protect URL web resources through declarative security in a JSF application?    coderanch.com

I'm trying to implement web resource security in a JSF application but the behavior is strange. It seems like it's protecting not the resource that should be protected but the next resource that is requested afterwards. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that in a JSF application the URL you see in the browser is always one step ...

76. How to change /faces/* url pattern    coderanch.com

77. JSF URL annoyance in JSF 2?    coderanch.com

78. help regarding url-pattern in jsf    coderanch.com

hi all, i have a small issue which is regarding my jsf application. currently the login page can be access as http://localhost:7001/IAD/login.jsf hwever the requirement is to change it as http://localhost:7001/IAD/vecmgui/login.jsf . it tried changing the url-pattern for faces servlet as /vecmgui/*.jsf however it does not help. please find my original web.xml . can anyone help me to explain the changes ...

81. Calling an external url...and geting the response    coderanch.com

There are many ways to do this. Most of which shouldn't be done, but people do them anyway. One way, however, is to use J2EE's built-in security system (also known as container-managed security). If you use this system, you don't actually "do security in JSF" so much as you wrap security around your entire webapp, including any non-JSF parts it may ...

82. jsessionid always appended to urls on first request    coderanch.com

I'm developing a web application with JSF 2 on GlassFish 3.0.1. I've noticed that when I first deploy the web application and view it with my browser the page initially has the jsessionid in the urls (view source). However, all subsequent navigations return pages which do not have jsessionid in the urls. Any explanation for this? A related question: I've seen ...

83. jsessionid in URL    coderanch.com

84. JSF urls and custom filters    coderanch.com

86. doubt with h: commandButton (URL no refresh =S)    coderanch.com

According to this example here, in a commandButton can put this: I'm working that way in my application. The problem I have is that the url does not refresh in the browser For example: In page1.xhtml I have commandButton with action="/pages/page1.xhtml" This button should take me to a page named page1.xhtml. But it does not, the view ...

87. URLs always one step behind    coderanch.com

It's worth pointing out that if you use faces-redirect=true this introduces significant complications regarding the passing of data between pages. For example if you select a department on page 1 to display a list of employees on page 2, you need to pass some sort of reference to the dept between the pages. As the redirect results in a new request ...

88. JSF - mask URL to protect content    coderanch.com

Is it possible to mask an URL in JSF such that the server (knows)refers to the actual file while the client is aware of a temporary generated URL? Let's say, the client requests URL: www.mydomain.com/temporary_generated_non_existent_folder/file1.flv The server knows that the requested file is actually located in www.mydomain.com/real_location/file1.flv And provides that correct file, while hiding from the client the real URL. So, ...

89. Url Hiding    coderanch.com

91. Filter URL mappings    coderanch.com

Hi, My application is running on weblogic server 1 0.3.4 and iam using jsf 2.0. I have a requirement where in I have to implement a technique to validate the user before he starts accessing the application. Also, I need to check if a valid user has logged in whenever he accesses any page in the application. If the user has ...

93. JSF url pattern    coderanch.com

96. Cannot make URL mapping using Pretty Faces 3.3.2, JSF 2.0, JBoss 6.1.0 final    coderanch.com

First of all, the ".xhtml" is wrong. That's the resource name, not the URL name. So ".jsf" is what you need, or you're likely to end up with the View being improperly processed. Secondly, when you add a parameter to the URL, that, too forms part of the package. But URL parameters aren't mapped at the class level, they're mapped at ...

97. In JSF - how to pass values in URL??    forums.oracle.com