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1. Calendar component and readOnly attribute

Hello, I have noticed that the calendar component (ice:selectInputDate) does not feature a readOnly attribute. This is kind of awkward since for example the layout of readOnly and disabled states differ (displaying the different semantics of both states). Are there any plans for adding the readOnly feature for the date component? thanks in advance, HeSoK

3. Calendars in 1.7.2 share listeners?

I just tried 1.7.2 in hopes of getting actionListeners on menuItems. I found that it appeared that my calendars (I have three of them on one page) shared the valueChangedListener. I didn't get in an debug them, it just looked like my valueChangeListener was being called when I was on a different calendar. I'm moving back to 1.7.0

4. Calendar issue

5. SelectInputDate (calendar in Iceface)

Hi I have problem while using calendar component in iceface. I cant get the selected date in my backing bean.If we enter a invalid date format in the textbox then ,the even through the error, but i want to give my own specified error. I used custom validation also.but its also not working. plz can any one help me, to ...

6. Icefaces suuported snappy calendar

7. Positioning problem with snappy calendar

Hi All, I am using snappy calendar in my application.It is working fine from functionality aspect but giving problem with the calendar positioning .When i click on the button to see the calendar , the calendar is being populated but it is far away from the button position. I have gone through the snappy.js file . In this js code we ...

8. How to use Calendar component in table

Hi Alexandre Thanks for your reply. Yes, the table will have more than one rows. Do I write that code manually in the JSP tab? where do I place the code? Can I do it by drag-n-drop? I tried to do it by drag-n-drop, first I drag a group panel in the column and then place calendar component. calendar components displays ...

9. calendar selectInputDate submits page: why?

selectInputDate uses partialSubmit with its server interactions by default. Any component with partialSubmit="true" will set the component value into the bean. That's what it's supposed to do, so that your bean can access that value, to do additional calculations. For Cancel. you just need to either also keep the original values, or requery them from the database, or otherwise re-fetch them. ...

11. calendar control

15. Calendar Component

17. Calendar control does not work with rowselector.

I have created a dataTable with rowselector, the dataTable I am creating has editable rows. In the data column I am using . But when i select that row for edit and click on date it does not show the dates on the popup. It shows the blank blocks on the date popup. But if i remove rowselector from datatable it ...

19. group calendar

20. Outlook Like Calendar

22. Newbie Popup Calendar Question

My Calendar image is not showing up. I copied the page and bean from an example from ICESoft. The page is calendar-popup.jspx: Basic Calendar Tutorial

23. Popup Calendar Sizing Question

24. selectInputDate and Popup Calendar

26. How to change years range in Calendar

28. Calendar and time option

30. how to change popup calendar labels

This is my faces config: org.springframework.web.jsf.DelegatingVariableResolver hr hr messages bridge-messages com.icesoft.faces.facelets.D2DFaceletViewHandler hr.rao.komunalno.redarstvo.web.navigation.NavigationHelper hr.rao.system.common.BaseBeanELResolver ----------------------------------------- i put this com.icesoft.faces.component.selectinputdate.OPEN_POPUP_ALT=OTVORI in bridge-messages file ----------------------------------------- and i looked in my *.war file and bridge-messages is in WEBINF/classes folder -------- AND STILL DOESN'T WORK :(

31. icefaces input calendar

34. calendar and multiple selected days

35. inputSelectDate (calendar popup) issue with z-indices

Hello, and thank you for your time. The screen I am working on consists of six fields (two selectOneMenu fields, and four selectInputText fields) above three selectInputDate fields (with calendar popups). The z-indices of the six upper fields are all set to a higher value than the z-indices of the calendar fields, and they open on top of the selectInputDate fields ...

36. Customizing Calendar look and feel

I have a requirement where I need to change the look of the Calendar. Following are the changes I need: 1. Show Month and Year in center in one cell and have 2 buttons/links on either side to navigate to next month and if its last month of year, next button takes you to next year instead of having 2 sets ...

37. JS error with 2.0A2 Calendar popup

38. calendar validation (selectinputdate)

Hi all, I had a requirement to provide validation to the user input in a calendar component. Currently, in the selectinputDate component, the user is able to enter any junk data and the jsf will throw a faces exception. But in my requirement, if the user enters a wrong date, we have to revert to the old date and show a ...

39. calendar validation (selectinputdate)

40. Calendar Component Not Showing

43. Time picker (similar to Calendar)

44. Ice:calendar in a panel ice:panelCollapsible very SLOWWWWWW

Hi people, I have installed my app developed with icefaces 1.8.2 on tomcat 6.0.20 and I found a strange behaviour about a component that I never seen during developing on my pc.... I know that there is some difference but the component calendar when render the popup inside a panelSeries it's very slow. it seems send everytime a request to the ...

48. Styling of Popup Calendar

49. How to implement an interactive calendar. (Just hand-holding. No coding required!)

My team has decided to switch from PHP to J2EE for our newest product and I'm fairly new to the technology (as is the rest of the team.) I've been tasked with creating the proof-of-concepts for our user interface. We're currently working with JSF 1.2, Facelets, and ICEFaces on JBoss. Seam will probably get thrown into the mix at some point. ...

50. popup calendar

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