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10. problem to Chart Line

djsarr Joined: 06/07/2009 00:00:00 Messages: 3 Offline hi[b] Please i want to build to use file my ArrayList named SerieDuFichier give me the following value :[1.3, 2.0] [1.6, 6.0] [4.6, 7.0] [5.0, 8.0] [2.0, 4.0] [5.0, 9.0] [7.0, 10.0] [10.0, 11.0] [11.0, 8.0] Code: try { System.out.println("ligne" ); String adressedufichier =System.getProperty("user.dir")+"\\test.txt"; FileReader fr = new FileReader(adressedufichier); BufferedReader fluxEntree = new BufferedReader(fr); ...

11. Style output Chart

I use the output Chart and have two problems: 1. I use to change the default Style to have Labels and Legend with smaller size and verdana font-family. I try it with style="font-family: verdana;font-size: 10pt;", but the style not change. 2. I have an output Chart with 20 Elements. I try to have a break in the Legend output, so that ...

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14. Newbie asks: Auto-update chart on value change?

Hello, I am new to JSF and Icefaces and try to get the fcollowing things to work My page has an input field and

15. Axis Charts - force rendering of specific x-axis labels

Hello, I'm currently using Icefaces to generate reports and charts. The problem I'm having is that Icefaces controls which x-axis labels to render (using some algorithm to make the chart more aesthetically pleasing, I would assume). What would be great is if the API would allow me to force the rendering of specific label values. (E.g. Suppose I'm showing currency values ...

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18. Clickable Charts

Hi all, I need to implement three charts with the following shapes: - circle - diamond - hyperbola (see attached file) how can I implement this using ICEFaces-Chart so that the user can click *any* arbitrary point on the line-chart so that the underlying value is displayed? Also it would be great if the clicked point is highlighted with a small ...

19. Charts and ICEFaces 2

Hi, I'm migrating a JSF 1.2 / ICEFaces 1.8 application to JSF 2 and ICEFaces 2. So far everything went well, and all components seem to work. I'm now migrating a page containing a couple of charts, and for some reason none of the charts are showing. I've looked at the generated source, and it generates the following img url for ...

20. Interactive Chart (SVG)

Hello, my current requirement is to embedd an interactive chart (SVG) into an ICEfaces page. To get a better idea of what I want to do you can imagine a bar chart, with the possibility that every bar is clickable and triggers a custom event. I was searching arround the web with the result, there is not many information on how ...

24. determine chart size by resolution

Is there a way to size a chart component based on resolution? For example if a users resolution is 800 X 600, I might want the size of my chart to be 100px X 75px while for a user with a resolution of 1280 X 1024, that chart is extremely undersized. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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27. Question on chart

Hi ICEfaces developer, I have a question on icefaces chart component. I found icefaces chart uses krysalis jchart open source, which was not supported again (has been closed). I want to know why icefaces did not use jfreechart, which is being supported. What are the benefits for using jchart instead of jfreechart? I really want to know which one has better ...

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30. legend in pie3d chart

It should be possible. The chart component takes a list of Strings which define the charts labels/legend. It would be up to your packing bean logic to insure that label strings represent the the respective percentages. The chart component leverages the jChart api and as a result is very customizable if the default component types don't meet your needs. The component ...

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39. New chart type: radar

Hello! I want to make a new chart type at outputChart. Today I can only choose between * area * areastacked * bar * barclustered * barstacked * line * pie2D * pie3D * point * stock * custom chart type. But I want to make a new chart type called "radar". How can I make it? In "krysalis-jCharts-1.0.0-alpha-1" I found ...

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42. SVG Charts?

Just wondering if ICEfaces has this type of component on your roadmap. I was comparing the latest ICEfaces components with Trinidad and RichFaces components - and ICEfaces surpasses or is comparable to the other component kits, with only a few exceptions. One I've noticed is the Trinidad chart component. It certainly brings a wow factor to an application. I personally don't ...

44. ICEfaces dynamic chart can't be used pratically, JUST A TOY IN A SHOWCASE

ICEfaces dynamic chart can't be used pratically, just a toy in the showcase. Why do I say that ? it's because this .... I implement the ICEfaces dynamic chart according to the API, I have to 2 set of data which have different for label,data (%) and paint (colors). Web site flow is that , the first page select which set ...