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2. Can ICEFaces Community Edtion Cluster?

Good question and there are a number of different factors to consider in providing a useful answer. The main factor is the characteristics of your application and what you are trying to achieve with the cluster (performance, fault tolerance, etc.). I'll provide what advice I can and if you have more specific queries, please don't hesitate to follow up. First of ...

3. Async HTTP, clustering and failover

5. ICEfaces and clustered servers

We currently have 2 JBoss servers configured as ejb3-clustered for serving fail-over and providing HA. The client application is an existing swing based application. Typical concurrent connection is low about 200 connections. Need to integrate JSF, connecting to EJB3 to manage a set of use-cases. Could we use the ICEfaces community edition or must we have the enterprise version.? Load ...

6. Are ICEFaces cluster ready?

7. Does Icefaces support clustering???

8. Clustering and FailOver