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1. Colspan in table body

I have understood that column spanning is only suitable for table headers. Is there any way of doing colspans in the body? I can use ui:repeat but that costs med the paginator. Alternatively, is there any way of rigging a paginator to work with the ui:repeat bound standard table? Thanks in advance, Nik

2. dataTable and panelGrid with colspan

You have come across one of the longest-running cruxes of JSF datatables... they are designed to be pure grids, not layout tools. About the best technique for laying out form controls via JSF DataModel functionality is with an icefaces panelSeries component or tomahawk panelList component, each of which basically functions as a repeating region, where you control the content. Then, when ...

3. <ice:dataTable> colspan not working

Has anyone figured out how to make a table like the onein the attached file with icefaces? Im having an issue with the service category row. I can make it as a header but if I put it in a column the colspan does not go across all the headers. It prints out the service category in its own column that ...

4. datatable with rowspan and colspan

Hi tsaliki, I don't know if it works only with the dataTable and column/columngroup/headerrow etc. But there is another solution. You insert only a column in your dataTable and inside this column you have a ice:panelGrid with 3 columns. In the third column you have another 2 ice:panelGrids, the first one with 3 columns and the second one with one column. ...

5. colspan

6. Colspan for table columns

7. colspan in icefaces dataTable column

8. dataTable + ice:column + colspan

I tried colspan in this case, how ever it doesnt solve my problem. It doesnt work too Why? i used like this

9. ice:panelGrid /w colspan