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1. Combobox Select Multiple Columns

3. Is there any multicolumn combobox?

4. ComboBox, partial submit and IE

I have a comboBox with partial submit. When using firefox, the submit is made when focus of the comboBox is lost. In IE the submit is made when the selected value is changed. In IE, I sometimes get an error if i'm using the up/down buttons. This can be avoided by only submitting when the combobox has lost focus. Has anybody ...

5. Icefaces Combobox component

Hi dear Icefaces members! I am looking for a combobox component. Is available between the icefaces components? (I would like simultaneously use the type function from keyboard and the select from list function with mouse) Factual example: Looking for city names. I will put in the beginnig characters with keyboard ("Co" afterward i can choose form the result list Colombia, Comoros, ...

6. Problem with linked comboboxes

7. selectOneListbox is a combobox?

Hi, I have a question regarding selectOneListbox. Apaprently, if I have 0 or 1 item inside it, the component actually renders like an elongated combobox. When I add more items, the component will switch back to look like a normal listbox (with the scrollbars and all). So it the listbox is rendered as a combobox with 0 or 1 item, but ...

8. How to create editable combobox?

11. Editable combobox?

I looked at the various existing selectOne components and they don't look like they're editable. What I mean by editable combobox is that, say I use selectOneListbox to show users a choice of predefined options. The user may select one of them or choose to type in a new one. Is there a component like that or do I have to ...

14. editable Combobox

15. How to make combobox scrollable?