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1. ice-extras.js and icefaces-d2d.js    icefaces.org

2. icefaces-d2d.js error    icefaces.org

Hi all, We're fairly new to ICEfaces and using NetBeans with ICEfaces 1.8.1, JSF 1.2, Tomcat 6.0.18 and having problems using a newly opened brower window. I know what your thinking I just went through 307 hits on a search of this issue. But we have set concurrentDOMView to true! We have a main window and want to allow the user ...

5. UI lockup randomly occuring in ie7 after D2D button push    icefaces.org

My icefaces application is using version 1.8.2 , running on websphere and using ie7 as the browser. Sometimes when I click a button that would trigger a DOM update the ui freezes and all I see is the hour glass. I checked the log and found the following stacktrace. Please let me know if you've seen this before. This issue doesn't ...

6. Modifying javascript file - icefaces-d2d.js    icefaces.org

Hi icefaces, We have Problem as below: There are cookies created by this "icefaces-d2d.js" javascript file namely 'bconn' & 'updates'. Both these cookies are Insecure, which means it is sent by the browser even with unencrypted requests, even if they are generated in an application using SSL encryption otherwise. Our security team wants them to be set secure. As a solution ...

7. D2D not working correct, if in textarea I enter symbols ',<    icefaces.org

1. I have two components: autocomplete and textarea(with autoheight java script) 2. I try to select value from autocomplete(enter "PA"), and no change in textarea 3. POST request was sended Faces-Request:partial/ajax Form Data patientNameID:PA reprtableCommentsID:

sdfdsf 4. I get responce


');//2023113041]]> As you can see reprtableCommentsID was ...

8. Bad Path for icefaces-d2d.js in generated page 1.6DR4    icefaces.org

I just tried out dr4 and got something strange. If I look at the html source I see 2 links: /xmlhttp/1178701434749/icefaces-d2d.js and /xmlhttp/icefaces-d2d.js? The 1st one returns a page. The second is 404 not found. If I change it to: /xmlhttp/js/icefaces-d2d.js?, then it works fine. So it looks like it's missing the "js" or else the library does not process without ...

12. icefaces-d2d.js not found + javascript errors    icefaces.org

Hi, I have a web app with a layout where all the pages are inside a directory named pages. At the top level directory I have a page name index.jsp that forwards to pages/login.iface. When the page is load in the browser and I click on some text field, button .etc a Javascript error is raised. The browser is looking the ...

13. Javascript error icefaces-d2d.jar    icefaces.org

Hi icefaces team I cannot submit the form. I am getting the below error, Plz help. regards Kumar icefaces-d2d.js (line 1181) _23e has no properties iceSubmit(undefined, null, submit )icefaces-d2d.js (line 1934) onsubmit(submit )icefaces-d2d.js (line 1543) submitEntry1(["

Device Information<..."])test.js (line 227) onclick(click clientX=0, clientY=0)home (line 1) [Break on this error] _23d=(_23d?_23d:_23e.form);

14. Custom D2D renderer - how to do it?    icefaces.org

Hello ICEFaces, I have studied the section "Creating Direct-to-DOM Renderers for Custom Components" in the developer guide. It contains an example for encoding by creating a DOMContext instance attached to the component and creating elements in it. Then I have studied the ICEFaces source code, and found, that some renderers does not use this technique. They do encoding like standard non-D2D ...

15. D2D : how does it work ?    icefaces.org

16. Need Clarity on D2D Approach    icefaces.org

Hi ALL, Im new to icefaces. ICEFaces are really impressive at first look. But I came across ICEFaces Introduction Webinars. Im more concern about D2D , I need clarifications on following questions. Im novice to ICEFaces so plz excuse me if any thing wrong.. 1) Is server holds all doms of clients. say if my application is serving huge number of ...