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1. How to add datatable inside another datatable in ICEfaces

I have two datatable the second one is depending one one. What I have done up to now is, when I clicked on a row of first table second table shows ...

2. JSF 2.0 composite component don't works in icefaces dataTable

I'm here again... This time I've created a composite component called editableText. It's a very simple component, it's a inputText with no border when without focus and with border when user focus in. ...

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8. How to use dataTable with large lists

How to deal with dataTable using large lists about 1.000 rows? Is there possibility to make sorting on Database server, or loading in memory only rows shown on page? Working with long lists I woud like to load only records I show on web site. With short lists it is ok, to laod full list in memory. Thank you, Linas

9. Simple cell contents retrieval from dataTable

Hi, What is the easiest way to get the contents on a cell from an ice:datatable? surely icefaces has an simple way of retrieving this information. I know in .net there is an event for cell click and one just gets the value form that event. If there exists a forum or tutorial please redirect me to it. Thanks

12. problem with datatable ...

13. Periodic Update of datatable

15. how to force the dataTable/navigator to reload

My page has a dataTable/dataPaginator which displays a table. On the same page I have a form to allow new record to be added. The button Add's action method returns the navigation id of this same page. When I am at data page, say 5, I add a record. I expect the page to be reloaded and the Table/dataPaginator to be ...

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18. DataTable and setScrollable

19. Define Variable inside DataTable.

20. Perfomance in datatable component

21. dataTable doesn't resize

23. Ice:DataTable and sorting [Solved]

24. Same application - Different behavior (datatable component)

Hi. I have tried different things as said in Jira-ICEfaces Posible fixs: 1.- change style widht of first column, --- Where?, is not declared with a fixed number of columns like in the examples in components showcase. 2.- do not declare width of last column, -- they are not declared 3.- use table fixed layout, do not create table with large ...

26. Post Datatable data

Hi, I have an aplication with ICEfaces that has a form with a datatable, the datatable contains all the fields for a form that need to POST (with the HTTP Post method, and containing all the data of the datatable) to an url of a servlet (the axis2 one) in my tomcat server. I have created a commandLink that executes an ...

27. Avoid line wrapping in a DataTable

28. Change page from DataTable selection

29. ice:dataTable

1. Does anybody know why the align top does not work. I have added align top with no cellspacing but the table is always indented. The cellspacing property has no affect. 2. How do you get the the style properties for the header of the table. I cannot change the header font for the table (on its own). It looks like ...

31. Dynamic and static datatable

Hello I need to create a table in dynamic(java) and static mode (jsp) from a dataprovider (cachedrowset) direct without an array. The table would be have insert, update and delete operations The table example is employee. The columns are: Employee Code (Using htmlinputtext. This is the primary key) Employee Name (using a htmlinputtext) Date of graduate (using a calendar control) Married ...

35. Erreur!! help!! datatable

36. Insert components to DataTable dynamically

public void replyCommentListener(ActionEvent e) { HtmlCommandLink replyCommand = (HtmlCommandLink) e.getSource(); HtmlPanelGroup replyCommandGroup = (HtmlPanelGroup)replyCommand.getParent(); UIColumn commentDescription = (UIColumn) replyCommandGroup.getParent(); grdReply = new HtmlPanelGrid(); clmReplyInfo = new UIColumn(); clmReplyDescription = new UIColumn(); txtReplyInfo = new HtmlOutputText(); iptReplyDescription = new HtmlInputTextarea(); imgInsertReplyBackground = new HtmlGraphicImage(); lnkCancelReply = new HtmlCommandLink(); lnkSaveReply = new HtmlCommandLink(); grdReply.setColumns(2); txtReplyInfo.setValue("Reply"); lnkCancelReply.setValue("Cancel"); lnkSaveReply.setValue("Save"); clmReplyInfo.getChildren().add(txtReplyInfo); clmReplyDescription.getChildren().add(imgInsertReplyBackground); clmReplyDescription.getChildren().add(iptReplyDescription); grdReply.getChildren().add(clmReplyInfo); grdReply.getChildren().add(clmReplyDescription); clmReplyDescription.getChildren().add(lnkSaveReply); ...

37. DataTable problem

Hi I am new to ICEfaces table but I managed well using Woodstock data table. My problem is filling the table using a custom class. In Woodstock I use a custom list provider which extends ObjectListProvider but in Icefaces I cannot bind it directly to the table because it does not appear in the drop down of the ones available. Any ...

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39. Invert selection with dataTable

41. Printing a datatable

42. Combine positionedPanel and dataTable

Hello, I have a ArrayList with objects that have to be ranked by the user. First the user selects objects from a arrayList by dragNdrop to another arrayList. The second arrayList has to be sortable. I enveloped a dropTarget-Container, including a dataTable which displays the objects, with a positionedPanel-Tag. The ranking works fine, but if I add two objects to the ...

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49. Datatable doesn't recognize input after first time

I have a datatable with rows that contain a checkbox for indicating if the row should be deleted. When the page first displays, when I click the checkbox, the managed bean shows that the box was selected (isSelected = true). When I submit the page, the row is deleted and when the page is redisplayed, the row is deleted from the ...

51. DataTable

52. Empty value in DataTable

Hi! I search here in the forum a solution for show a empty value in datatable I found this: The problem is, this show the message if the value is empty but not show the values without empty. Is there another solution? Thanks for your help!

53. datatable don't show the values

Class Blog is used to display all blogs in the datatable. I can't understand why don't show the values in the datatable. Thanks, Miguel Isidoro public class Blog extends AbstractPageBean { private List allblogs; public List getAllblogs() { return this.allblogs; } public void getOtherBlogs() { FCTProjectServices services = new FCTProjectServices(); this.allblogs = services.getAllBlogs(); } ----------------BLOG.JSP------------------------------------------

54. About DataTable

55. dataTable question

after some search my datatable looks like this for example column1 column2 1 2 3 4 and after some changes on table data i want to check if some element has changed state than initial one. Any idea ? This case is really interesting to me, and how can it be solved with valuechanelistener for example i change value "3", to ...

57. How to show data into a datatable?

Hi, I have a datatable which is displaying some records in a single page, but now according to new requirement the records should be like half records should be shown on left side and rest on the right side e.g. :- abc def ghi jkl mno pqr. is there any property which i can set to make this happen???? help!!!! Thanks, ...

58. Help with Datatable

Hi, I have a datatable, and i need select only the clicked row, i see some sample but dont work fine: the problem is that when i click the row the first time select all rows, after if i make double click in a some row select all rows. I need ever select only the clicked row. I make this: JSP ...

61. DataTable with existing bean help

Hi, I'm trying to write a webclient around our existing web services. I need to map these beans into a datatable but haven't seen any examples with something more complex like this. the datatable is getting a list back of BeanEntity[] BeanEntity contains a few fields but more important it contains a list called Attributes which is a BeanAttribute class with ...

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72. ice:dataTable question

Hi All...I am trying to use the ice:dataTable tag for a table of 53 rows x 13 columns....I am implementing it the same as the examples given...the result I keeping getting is 53 rows x 13 columns, BUT every row contains data for the last row in the there something I am missing??...I am using an arraylist object as the ...

73. DataTable and a Cache Issue?

I am using IceFaces 1.8.1, MyEclipse 7.5, EclipseLink 1.0.2, and connecting to a MySQL DB version 5.1. (Oh, using MyEclipse Tomcat too.) I seem to be having a cache problem. If I do an update to the DB, the update works. I can go to the table and see the data. What I see when I do a IceFaces datatable refresh ...

77. Help with dataTable please

Hello, I work in a project with woodstock, icefaces, JSF 1.2 and spring web flow 1. He have a datable with lazy pagination. My paginator extends of ArrayList Code: public class PaginableList extends ArrayList { private int pageSize; private int actualPage; private boolean forzeAct = false; private ArrayList actualPageData = null; private ArrayList firstPageData = null; private PaginableDataController paginableDataController; public PaginableList(PaginableDataController ...

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80. 2 nested dataTables

81. Dynamic dataTable

82. javascript on dataTable change

Hi all, I am trying to create a dataTable that when it receives a new row it will execute a javascript function. How can I do it? The idea is to have this dataTable inside a scrollable div and when the dataTable receive a new row it will auto scroll down. I dont want to use the ice:dataPaginator because I want ...

84. dataTable on icefaces 1.8.0

85. columnWidth for ice:dataTable

87. scrollWidth in icefaces ice:dataTable

Hi Rajini, 1. If I get your question right, you only have to set the width style for the table, and maybe an overflow style. Then if the table is wider than this, it will automatically become scrollable (and the scroll would have the specified table width) 2. Here ICEFaces has a sad defect. Normally you would make that panelGroup unscrollable ...

88. ice:dataTable

Hi Ivan, First of all you would have to change your HashMap into a List. This would mean fetching the keySet, iterate it and move all elements to a List. If needed, sort the list. As for the items... Do all the LinkedList have the same number of elements? You could probably try using for this one, I think you ...

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91. Problem with several

92. datatable

94. ice:dataTable problem

Hi, I'm using ICEfaces 1.8.2 on Glassfish 2.1. I downloaded the sample application from this site ('cause I'm a beginner in ICEfaces): This sample: Then I started to modify the sample. I modified the logic of tree building and I put a ice:dataTable component to the content-facelet.jspx but base navigation logic wasn't modified: if you click on a node ...

95. Dudas con DataTable

Genero dinamicamente el contenido del data table como extraigo la informacion contenida en los inputText de cada una de las filas ...

96. Sorting DataTable!

97. footer datatable

98. How to show a messege while wait for datatable is showed?

Hi. Is possible to show a message or something meanwhile a datatable with the results is showed. For example, if you try to show a datatable with 1000 records, it take a long time. I have seen the bean is correctly created in a very short time but later to show in the page takes long time. During this time the ...

99. Datatable rowClasses not working?

100. dataTable doesn't want to do an update

Hello, I've some problems to do a partial update on a table. I'm using ICEfaces 2.0.0 alpha2 with Facelets, Netbeans 6.8 and glassfish v3. The update works for an outputText-Element, but not for a dataTable, so I think I'm missing some basic understanding. This is the xhtml: Code: